Winter Park Resort plans to open for summer adventure in mid-June

There’s a new sense of urgency and eagerness to get out and hit the trails this summer, marking a 2022 trend for outdoor vacations. Surveys and other reports confirm that travelers continue to recognize and embrace the importance of reconnecting with nature, exploring the mountains and relaxing in the great outdoors. Decades of research also show what outdoor adventurers have known all along: nature is good for us. The sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors reduce stress and anxiety, increase attention and mindfulness, and improve cognitive health.

“So you could say that a summer vacation or a weekend getaway to winter park is not only satisfying for the soul; it can help improve your mental health,” said Liz Agostin, Vice President of Marketing for Winter Park Resort. “winter park is authentically Colorado, offering travelers of all levels unique experiences to get out and relax… or find new adventures. Get your heart pumping and take a guided high mountain hike through our backcountry or just relax with a scenic gondola ride, craft beer and a sunset 10,000 feet above sea level. “

Whether you want to relax or have an active outdoor experience, you want your vacation to be a good choice – highlighting certain qualities that make a destination ideal for your family. Travelers choose Winter Park Resort for all the right reasons – in particular, 10 reasons when it comes to summer adventure and relaxation.

  1. Asset. The mix of summer activities cuts across all ages and interests, from hiking, biking and fishing to birdwatching, frisbee golf and alpine sliding – and just plain exploring. In fact, summer winter park has plenty to offer active souls looking for all types of adventure.
  2. Relaxing. winter park Peaceful setting is ideal for being still or just moving slowly. Whether it’s sitting under a tree or practicing yoga among wildflowers, relaxation is an important part of any summer vacation. And there are many places and ways to relax in the mountains.
  3. Accessible. winter park is an ideal “starting point” for summer outings, beautifully located in Grand County with lakes, streams, trails and hot springs beyond winter park land — including Rocky Mountain National Park, which is only 40 miles away. It’s easy to build your summer adventure around winter park convenient location, which is also just 67 miles from denver (in the other direction, of course).
  4. Ageless. More than ever, people are still catching up on lost family time and craving a vacation that brings together many generations. The variety of activities is ideal for families and multi-generational groups who want a range of easy to stimulating summer options.
  5. Tasty. winter park understands first-hand that summer activities create an appetite, so there are culinary options for every craving, experience and location – from mountaintop to village. And don’t forget the breweries with some beers even named after local mountains, such as Mary Jane Beer.
  6. Affordable. Accommodation packages include a ‘View from the Top’ offer which is 20% off summer accommodation and free scenic day passes for the gondola. Restrictions apply.
  7. Magnificent. winter park a beautiful and pure mountain setting is a refreshing and playful change (and recharge) from indoor routines and virtual situations.
  8. Relaxed. winter park relaxed atmosphere and “authentically Colorado” community are relaxed and carefree, with no fuss or frills. You can wear your hiking and biking gear all day and all night!
  9. Soft. Because summer travel plans may change, winter park has a carefree and accommodating cancellation policy.
  10. Reward. With thousands of acres of diverse terrain for biking and hiking, plus many more miles of trails nearby, Winter Park Resort was voted from colorado Best Adventure Town.

“Now the only question is: do you want adventure or relaxation? The answer: you can have both,” added Agostin.

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(Photo credit: Carl Frey and Winter Park Resort)

About Winter Park Resort
Located just 107 km from denverWinter Park Resort was voted from colorado Best Adventure Town. Boasting over 3,000 acres of open space and trails for hiking and biking, winter park is nestled along the Continental Divide and is known for its unspoiled and pure and authentic nature Colorado vibe. For more information, please visit

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