Where are the holiday home rules filmed?

HGTV’s Scott Vacation Home Rules outline what a vacation stay should look like. The amount of hard work done to make a living also calls for the same amount of relief. Above all a gateway to the world. This is when a person chooses to go on vacation, leaving their usual world behind and diving into beautiful places for a while. But there are a number of things to consider while on vacation. Most importantly, a place to stay. Viewers noticed the same when they looked at Scott’s Vacation Home Rules, which prompted them to rethink their own vacation spot.

Last season we witnessed various forms of vacation homes. Those where the customer wanted a specific brand from them. Outside of the houses, the beautiful location is something that caught the eyes of viewers. So here we take a look at where the series is shot and what it is about.

What are the rules at Scott’s vacation home?

HGTV’s Scott Vacation Home Rules introduce us to Scott McGillivray, an experienced real estate developer with an impressive track record and a track record of successful renovations and rentals. He sets out on a trip to meet a number of people, those hoping to renovate or create a beautiful vacation home for their weekend stopover.

A photo from the second episode of The Vacation Home Rules featuring a run down cottage converted into a Malibu-inspired vacation home

Throughout the series, Scott encounters already impressive to not-so-interesting properties. Yet he somehow manages to create gold from them. Seeing him transform obsolete, rusty, and ancient properties into a magnificent paradise makes the spectacle appealing, proving that paradise is only minutes away. All you have to do is push it.

Where are the rules for Scott’s vacation home filmed?

Filming for Scott’s Vacation House takes place primarily in Ontario, Canada. All the episodes of the first season were shot in the same city. The first initial episodes of the series were filmed in the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario. Later in Muskoka, Ontario, and later in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

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The first initial episodes in Haliburton Highlands

The first episode saw Scott bring a family cottage to life. He turned everything into a German inspired guesthouse. He transformed a half-done room into a beautiful kitchen and brought in some beautiful wooden doors. In addition, the rooms offered some convenience to potential people looking to rent out. The second episode followed for another cabin which he turned into a 5 star home in Malibu Beach for Katherine and Jason.

The third episode of the series filmed here saw Scott transform a lakeside cabin into a place for your pets. Especially the woofing dog on all fours. The beautiful dog kennels and the urban furnishings impressed Mark & ​​Lynn. The next fourth episode saw a dilapidated old fishing hut of Tania and Selwyn in a stylish fishing retreat with a beautiful deck, new lights, new floors, cedar walls, and more.

A place for dogs also in the rules of the holiday home

A photo from the third episode of the Vacation Home Rules featuring a cottage turned into a vacation getaway, even for dogs

The fifth episode of the series saw transforming a forgotten family cottage into a dream home with a zen twist. Upgraded plumbing, beams, new benches, a lovely fireplace, large bedrooms for a number of children, and a place to dine outside. He left nothing for Karen and Cody. The sixth episode saw Scott meet Laura and Dale. They turned their historic shed into a civic vacation rental. Pretty funny, but there is a saddle in the hall, a fully equestrian house, a massive bench to eat, heated floors and a lot of stuff.

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Travel to Muskoka, Ontario

Filming for the seventh episode moved to Muskoka, Ontario. There, Scott met Alison and Kelsey. He helped them transform their family cottage into an upscale rental home. A new kitchen, new countertops, a veranda, the original kitchen converted into a dining room, lots of storage, a vaulted ceiling, walk-in closets, a long expanse of drywall and more were part of the vacation getaway. .

Travel to Wasaga Beach

The eighth episode of Vacation House Rules was filmed in Wasaga Beach. Scott met John and Dawne and turned their Wasaga Beach party table into a trendy, retro destination. A-frames, small seating, retro-themed living room, brick with built-in pattern, open concept closet, porcelain-style wall tiles for washrooms, and more. Everything made up for the house.

Rules of the Cottage holiday home converted into a ski chalet

Still from the ninth episode of Holiday Home Rules featuring a cabin on top of a hill at the luxury ski lodge

The ninth episode saw Scott return Meghan and Ryan’s hilltop cabin. He created a luxurious ski chalet from it. Bigger seats, details, clean kitchen and hall, guardrail for protection, frosted plexi, beautiful wood for a shower and much more included in the ski chalet. The final tenth episode featured Cassandra and Kelsey’s dilapidated lakeside cottage turned into a vacation rental. This property has seen a new terrace, a warm allure, a winter theme with skis on the wall, a fireplace and a renovated bedroom, and much more remodeled.

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