Vacation home in Pacific City, a unique experience on the Oregon Coast, a distinctive shape

Vacation home in Pacific City, a unique experience on the Oregon Coast, a distinctive shape

Posted 3/28/22 5:55 PM PST
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Pacific City, Oregon) – Periodically you may have heard the snap “Were you raised in a barn?”

In the case of a vacation rental home on the Oregon North Coast, that could only be a good thing.

Heron’s Perch, a unique construction in Pacific City, has a shape typical of Tillamook County farm barns, but this one is classy and intriguingly decorated inside, with large wooden patterns and lines almost futurists. A-frame curves inhabit the upper level of the building, but with detailed accents that feel almost baroque. The exterior is wooded and rustic in appearance, with an old barn shape clearly evident in the main building, perfect because Heron’s Perch is in a wooded area.

Heron’s Perch is aptly named because it is high above the treetops and the river that joins the sea.

Was it an old barn converted into a stunning modern home? Or was it designed with imitation in mind? Impossible to know, but the end effect is rather impressionistic in nature, strongly imparting those old country vibes, but with the Oregon Coast just minutes away.

The whole building is quite ingeniously compacted and laid out, with the ground floor and the top floor fully in view of each other. It is here that the bedrooms not only overlook the splendor of where the Nestucca meets the ocean, but also the lower levels.

There’s a great deck here to take in the refreshing Oregon Coast air, but here you also get huge puffs of forest. The terrace has a barbecue and a hot tub with stunning views.

The entire kit and kaboodle is rented through Kiwanda Coastal Properties, and you’ll find it a little cheaper than many other vacation rentals around Pacific City, or even on the Oregon Coast. A rather remarkable but truly rustic feature is the wood-burning stove, which is the heat source for the whole place.

It has three bedrooms and can accommodate eight people. One or two dogs are accepted, but you must clean them in advance for a small fee. There is a large kitchen, coffee maker, cable TV, clothes dryer, Wi-Fi, microwave and more. You are about a mile south of Pacific City in a very secluded area, with a boat launch on the river just under a mile away.

You’re in the middle of prime Oregon coastal territory, filled with nearby known and unknown delights.

A few miles to the south is Neskowin, with its majestic Proposition Rock (which, believe it or not, you can climb) and the mysterious stumps of the Ghost Forest. They are the few ancient geological wonders visible most of the time all year round, forged not by a sudden downfall of an earthquake (as the internet rumor persists) but by a slow process that probably took decades. See the real story Neskowin Ghost Forest Wrong explained, say Oregon Coast geologists.

Above Neskowin looms the imposing Cascade Head, once a volcano some 30 million years ago.

At the northern end of Neskowin some really strange dark sands appear, large in size and rather coarse.

Between there and Pacific City is a very hidden spot known as Winema Beach, with a large mass of sea right up the beach that seems to mimic Haystack Rock in the distance. It is a fascinating and delicious place.

Around Pacific City itself you have the endless array of diversions of Cape Kiwanda, which includes a vast landscape of rather alien rocks and that towering dune at the top.

Heron’s Perch website – Pacific City, Oregon. 503-965-7212. MORE PHOTOS BELOW

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