TikToker finds trap door in creepy ‘swamp’ hidden in vacation home



  • A man vacationing at a lakeside house discovered a hatch in the living room.
  • In a TikTok video, he opens the hatch to reveal spooky steps that lead to murky “swamp” water.
  • More weird news here.

A man on TikTok recently made the news after posting a series of videos of the interior of a vacation home he was renting for his family.

At first glance, the lodge by a lake looks pretty basic, but pretty soon in his TikTok video things change.

The house, rented for a weekend retreat by Robert with his wife, daughter and companion dog Samson, had an unexpected feature. A large hatch slams right in the middle of the living room.

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“Where is it going?” Robert says at the start of his first video.

“I guess it’s time to go on an adventure,” he said after pushing the sofa aside. “It’s not scary at all.”

After lifting the door to reveal cobwebs and tiny steps leading to standing water, Robert says, “It’s terrifying. “

At this point Samson the dog, being smarter than a human, decided he had seen enough and walked out to the right of the stage. When called, he walks into the room, head down, not looking too pleased.

“Yeah, I’m scared too, mate,” Robert told the puppy.

“Okay, the lights on, let’s go,” Robert says as he takes the first step towards… anything.

” It’s terrifying. What is the flip? Oh my God, it’s water. Hell, it’s pretty deep and very green. What is that ? There is a drain in the middle, what a scary thing is living in here.

“So it turns out we booked a swamp monster’s vacation home, so that’s good, maybe he knows where the remote went.”


It wasn’t my usual content, but it was too scary not to be shared. I did not expect that ! ## scary ## unexpected ## scary ## family vacation 👻

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“Have you never looked Evil Dead? asked a viewer.

In a follow-up video, Robert sort of explains what he thinks the green water is in the hole under the hatch, but now he has a new mystery: What’s going on with the TV remote? And why do things randomly light up?


Ah man, the fun continues… 👻 ## scary ## scary ## familyholiday ## swampmonster ## hugo

♬ Scary, calm and scary piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

As many viewers noticed in the second video, there is a gigantic hole in the wall. Of course, they asked what it was. Robert therefore posted a third TikTok video where he… does not explain at all what the hole is about!

It turns out that not only is there a creepy hole in the wall, it’s filled with all kinds of weird objects.


Responding to @catfammo Creepy Lakehouse is the gift that keeps on giving 🤦‍♂️👻 ## creepy ## spooky ## whatnext

♬ Scary, calm and scary piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound


We’re really going to need a fourth part of this series.



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