The Heritage Varanasi hotel is featured in the Michelin guide

An atmospheric 210-year-old hotel in Varanasi, the Brij Rama Palace, was recently featured on the Michelin Guide experts at Tablet Hotels. The property is on the latest list for 2022 with some of the most iconic properties and accommodations in the world.

Brij Rama Palace is a 210-year-old property located on the banks of the Ganges at Darbhanga Ghat. It was originally built in 1812 by Shridhara Narayana, the minister of ancient Nagpur.

The hotel does not serve alcohol or non-vegetarian food, but according to the Michelin Guide Tablet review, this is a small “sacrifice” for the experience.

“You’ll arrive by boat via the Ganges, rather than trying to struggle with the winding roads of Varanasi, and you’ll find yourself in an eclectic environment – the building was first a fort, then an aristocratic residence, and now, as a luxury hotel, its interiors span a number of eras and styles,” said the exam.

The hotel is a great place to take in the sights and sounds of Varanasi. Take a tour through the ghats and alleyways of the ancient city and witness the spectacular evening aarti at Dasvamedha Ghat.

“2022 has been a great year for Brij Hotels with various coveted accolades for our properties. We are delighted that hotel experts from the Michelin Guide have recognized Brij Rama Palace in Varanasi,” said Anant Kumar, Co-Founder of Brij Hotels. .

Here is a list of other heritage hotels in Varanasi steeped in history that offer a unique experience.

Taj Nadesar Palace

Taj Nadesar Palace is a magnificent palace set amidst mango orchards and jasmine fields, 6 km from the Ganges. Filled with ancient artwork and antique furniture, the marble hallways and grand architecture of the palace, built in 1835, make for an interesting visit.

Palace on the Ganges

The Palace on Ganges is a historic hotel in Varanasi located on the banks of the river. The palace is very close to tourist attractions such as Kashinath Vishwanath Temple and Assi Ghat. Enjoy the beauty of the Ganges while dining at its rooftop restaurant.

Hotel International Pallavi

The Pallavi International Hotel is a three star hotel located in the Chetganj area of ​​Varanasi. It is housed in a historic building built by Maharaja Bahadur Sir Krishna Pratap Sahi in the 18th century. The palace was transformed into a heritage hotel in 1984.

Surya Hotel, Kaiser Palace

The Surya Hotel, Kaiser Palace, is a beautiful property in the cantonment area which is very popular for destination weddings. Built in 1818, it was a vacation home of the Nepalese royal family. It opened as a hotel in 1982 with eight rooms. Its manicured gardens, grand banquets and restaurant, and massive chandeliers are some of its highlights.

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