Survey: 122 million American adults travel on vacation

A new survey from The Vacationer shows that 122 million US adults (47.39%) plan to travel for Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa this year. Of those who travel to a vacation destination or gathering, 12.72% will do so primarily by air. Almost 35% will travel 100 miles or more to attend their rally.

The Vacationer surveyed 1,092 American adults over the age of 18 in October. The results were analyzed by Eric Jones of The Vacationer, assistant professor of mathematics at Rowan College South Jersey.

Vacation travel increased 42% from last year
Last year’s vacation survey showed 33.46% intended to travel to a vacation destination or gathering. This year’s figure shows that 47.39% intend to travel, which is an increase of 41.63%.

Six million more American adults plan to fly for the holidays than for Thanksgiving
The survey shows that 12.72% (33 million American adults) say their main mode of travel will be the plane. That figure is six million more people than the amount who said they would travel by plane in its Thanksgiving survey.

Almost 35% will travel at least 100 miles for vacation
Participants were asked how far they plan to travel for Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa.

0 miles. — 28.00%
1 to 99 miles. — 37.15%
100 to 499 miles. — 19.30%
500 to 999 miles. — 7.78%
1,000 miles or more — 7.78%

Almost 35% of American adults (90 million people) will travel at least 100 miles. Almost 16% of American adults will travel 500 miles or more. Almost 8% of American adults will travel 1,000 miles or more.

33% will not spend the holidays with an unvaccinated friend or family member
One in three will not celebrate with an unvaccinated person, while another 20% will if the person tests negative.

23% will spend more than $ 500 on vacation travel
Participants were asked how much they intended to spend on vacation travel this year. (gasoline, flights, hotels, tickets, etc.)

$ 0 —36.41%
$ 500 or less — 40.26%
$ 501 to $ 1,000 —11.07%
$ 1,001 to $ 1,500 —5.58%
$ 1,501 to $ 2,000 —3.02%
$ 2,000 or more — 3.66%

Over 23% intend to spend more than $ 500. More than 12% will spend more than $ 1,000.

Almost 34% will participate in more travel and vacation activities this year than last year
Participants were asked how many vacation trips and activities they will be doing this year compared to last year.

More than last year: 33.85%
Same as last year: 56.63%
Less than last year — 9.52%

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