Starpoint Resorts discusses upcoming resort trends paving the way for more efficient and enjoyable travel

Starpoint Resorts is a resort development company based in Las Vegas, NV. As an advocate for accommodating improved efficiency and safety measures in the vacation and travel industry, Starpoint Resorts frequently shares news that is of interest to both travelers and resort management.

After the closures and travel bans, people’s expectations of resorts have changed. From an increased focus on efficiency to a greater consideration for unique experiences, from more group travel than ever before to an increased concern for ecological factors, resorts are adapting to keep up with these evolving trends.

Below, Starpoint Resorts details the top five trends in the resort industry to look forward to in 2022.

# 1 Wellness centers should think outside the gym and hot stone massages

Starpoint Resorts notes that a few years ago, a well-equipped gym and enchanting spa were the only things needed to create an extraordinary wellness retreat. However, people who start having all of this at home over the past couple of years mean they’ll want more than that when they get to the resort.

Travelers are increasingly focusing on their overall well-being, which goes beyond fitness. People are much more interested in a healthy lifestyle, so resorts and hotels need to inject wellness into every aspect of their establishment to stay on top.

Tourists are likely to see more of the following at their favorite resorts as the industry moves towards an environment of warmth, well-being and relaxation:

  • Natural light – Enforced home work laws mean that people have been ‘in the office’ away from home. So, they crave natural light, and seaside resorts are looking for new ways to flood common and meeting rooms with it.
  • Indoor-outdoor bars – Reconnections are expected to be huge in 2022. This demand means more hotels incorporating rooftop bars with a surcharge for large groups.
  • Natural elements – Resorts are starting to engage the five senses throughout their retreats to improve overall well-being. Ambient noises and natural aromas infiltrate many rooms and common areas.

# 2 Starpoint Resorts Says Guests Expect Increased Efficiency

The pandemic began in a chaotic and unpredictable way. But despite this, Starpoint Resorts says people have been successful in finding new ways to add efficiency and convenience to their world of staying at home. And as the planet reopens, travelers expect these new ideals of efficiency and convenience to be upheld in the resorts and hotels they visit.

A study conducted by Blackbox Research and Dynata on 10,195 people from 17 countries shows that contactless travel is the new benchmark. 76% of respondents said they prefer destinations that offer identity confirmation and contactless check-ins.

Beach resorts must adapt to the contactless “new normal” if they are to attract high tourist volumes in the coming year.

# 3 Sustainability must be at the forefront of the minds of resorts

2022 travelers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while having fun. American Express released its Global Travel Trends Report, which found that 77% of people agree they want to be more concerned with supporting local businesses while on the jet-set.

In addition, people want to stay loyal to brands they trust and align with their morals. Resorts can make sure they keep up with green trends by phasing out single-use plastics, creating vegan suites, installing solar panels, and recycling hotel soap and toiletries.

Not only are travelers themselves more concerned about sustainability than ever before, so too are government agencies around the world.

Highgate Vice President of Sustainability Marianne Balfe says the resort and hospitality industry needs to reduce carbon emissions by 90% per room by 2050 to stay within reductions of UN broadcasts. With this in mind, it is clear that renewable energies play an important role in the future of seaside resorts.

# 4 Better accessibility for business meetings and conferences

2020 and much of 2021 has been filled with Zoom meetings and conference calls. But in 2022, resorts are expected to open up dedicated meeting spaces to accommodate new in-person meeting demands.

Wyndham Hotels; Resorts and Hilton have already boarded this train. The former announced “The Meetings Collection,” which is a branch of the Wyndham Business program. It was created to meet the needs of simple and streamlined meeting planning. The latter promoted its “WorkSpaces by Hilton,” a special hotel-based work solution for individuals and businesses, according to Starpoint Resorts.

Starpoint Hotels

# 5 Travelers appreciate unique resort experiences over everything else

The demand for interesting and unique experiences and exploring new places has increased dramatically – nearly 80% of Americans plan to make a trip on their bucket list in the next few months. Polls conclude that many people used travel bans during the pandemic to save extra money for a dream vacation.

People are expected to “pack their passions” over the next year or so. The pandemic has spurred virtual learning, various digital wine tastings, and more, which means in-person dining experiences have to be spectacular to compete effectively.

Resort businesses willing to go the extra mile to open properties in desirable locations or deliver incredible experiences are poised to do their best in 2022.

Starpoint Resorts notes that contactless entry, contactless identity verification, unique experiences and work-from-the-hotel offerings will set resorts apart from each other next year.

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