Simple ways to prevent burglars from opening your hotel room door

No one wants to worry about someone breaking into their hotel room while on vacation. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. This blog post lists some easy ways to prevent burglars from opening your hotel room door. Keep these tips in mind on your next trip.

Familiarize yourself with the door lock

First, familiarize yourself with the door lock once you arrive in your hotel room. Watch how it works and make sure you understand how to use it correctly. Burglars can often break into rooms simply because guests don’t know how to properly lock the door. There are different door locks out there, so make sure you know which one you’re dealing with. Some hotel door locks come with a deadbolt, while others have a chain lock. Still others have a card key system that requires you to insert your key card into a slot to open the door. No matter what type of lock you have, make sure you know how to use it correctly.

If you’re a hotelier, be sure to opt for harder-to-pick door locks. Some great options on the market will make it much harder for burglars to break into your rooms. For example, you can opt for very innovative biometric door locks. These require customers to use their fingerprint or iris to unlock the door. This makes it impossible for burglars to pick the lock, as they would need your biometric information. It may be more expensive to install these locks, but the added security is worth the investment. It can also be inconvenient to capture each customer’s biometric information, but it can be done relatively quickly and easily with the right technology.

Make sure the door is properly locked

The next step is to make sure the door is properly locked each time you leave the room and when you enter it. This may seem like an obvious trick, but surprisingly a lot of people forget to do it. Always check that the door is locked before leaving the room or as soon as you arrive. Burglars can often break into rooms simply because guests forget to close the door. If you’re staying in a hotel with a deadbolt, engage it every time you leave the room. If your room has a chain lock, put it in place. And if your hotel uses key cards, take your key card with you when you leave and insert it into the slot to lock the door.

Use the safety latch

Most hotel room doors have a security latch that can be used to further secure the door. This small metal plate fits over the doorknob and locks in place. To engage the safety latch, push it into place to cover the door handle. This will prevent someone from turning the handle from the outside and opening the door. Be sure to use the security latch every time you leave your room, even if you’re only going out for a short time. This way your room will be secure even if you are not there.

Engage the deadbolt

Most hotel room doors have a deadbolt in addition to the regular latch. Be sure to engage the deadbolt every time you leave your bedroom. This extra layer of protection can go a long way in deter burglars. To engage the deadbolt, turn the knob to the vertical position. This will ensure that the bolt is extended into the door frame and cannot be quickly forced open from the outside. Ask a hotel staff member for assistance if you need help engaging the deadbolt. They can show you how to properly lock the door.

A door stopper can be an extra layer of security

In addition to securing the deadbolt, use a door stopper for additional protection. This small device fits on the bottom of the door and prevents it from opening. Door stops are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. They are easy to install and can provide an extra measure of security for your hotel room. Just make sure to remove the door stopper when you’re ready to leave so you can close the door. This way you can be sure that your room will be properly secured when you are not there.

Install a security bar

If you’re worried about someone breaking into your hotel room, you can always install a security bar. This metal or wooden bar fits across the door and prevents it from opening. Security bars are relatively easy to install. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully so as not to damage the door. Once the security bar is in place, you can be sure that your room will be much more difficult for a burglar to enter.

Use the peephole

Before opening the door to anyone, always use the peephole to check who is on the other side. Many burglars will pose as hotel staff to gain access to rooms. If you need clarification on who is at your door, please don’t hesitate to call reception and ask. Otherwise, do not open the door to strangers. Whether someone comes knocking on your door, you can always ask them to slip their ID under the door so you can verify their identity – that simple yet effective way to deter burglars and keep your hotel room safe. Or, when booking your hotel room, be sure to request a room near the elevator. It may seem like a strange request, but it can be very useful. Burglars often target rooms away from the elevator because they are less likely to be heard. If your room is near the elevator, you can be sure that any noise will be quickly noticed and analyzed.

These are just a few ways to prevent burglars from opening your hotel room door. By taking these simple steps, you can help keep your belongings and your family safe. So keep these tips in mind the next time you travel.

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