Resort security guard sexually assaults female tourist after breaking into her room at night

MALLORCA, SPAIN: A hotel worker has been arrested after sexually assaulting a tourist while she was on vacation in Mallorca. After being alerted by a hotel guest, authorities found the woman, who was screaming for help, in her room after the man attempted to rape her.


The man was identified as a 56-year-old security guard at the Playa de Palma hotel. He was arrested after the alleged attack.

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In the early hours of October 13, the woman returned to her hotel, and that’s when the suspect burst into her room, according to Ultima Hora. Officers were told by a visitor who was staying in the next room that she could see the woman from the balcony. The traveler allegedly pleaded for help as she lay in bed with the security guard on top of her.


After realizing the hotel visitor noticed him, the man reportedly fled the room. The victim, a Swedish woman, ran to the hotel reception and told the workers what had happened. Hotel staff called the police, who showed up and arrested the 56-year-old.

The Spanish-born suspect initially denied entering the woman’s bedroom and said she was agitated and screaming. He added that he was unable to understand what the woman was saying. He then admitted that he had just entered the bedroom in an attempt to calm her down.


In another case of such a case in Mallorca, a tourist was repeatedly raped by two German teenagers while she slept in her room at the Cala Rajada hotel in June 2022. In her testimony to the police, the victim reported that one of the teens sexually assaulted her while the other raped her. She reportedly said that during the incident she was unable to protect herself as she went into shock and was immobile. The two German men were arrested after she filed a complaint according to The Sun.


In another incident of sexual assault, a British tourist was brutally raped in Greece near a bar in the Paleros district in August 2022. According to local media, the victim alleged that the man had physically forced her . The suspect, a 26-year-old man, was taken into police custody in the western municipality of Akti-Vonitsa. He was charged with rape in criminal proceedings.


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