Northway Holiday Homes – your vacation package is complete

By Anna Chibamu

THIS exquisite gated community set in over 4,000 sqm with four beautiful accommodations in the suburb of Harare Waterfalls (Prospect), has become the favorite retreat for many who dream of enjoying a quiet and welcoming environment while on vacation.

When you think of vacations, think of Northway Holiday Homes.

The four properties are warm and friendly. The houses can accommodate 24 people at a time and are second to none, offering unique services ranging from bedding to food and entertainment with a caravan that fits two people bringing the total number of guests to 26.

“We have a warm environment and a variety of tasty dishes,” said owner Joshua Mandozana.

“The self contained facility gives you the flexibility to prepare meals of your choice – traditional and/or modern – in the kitchen or at the traditional outdoor cooking area or even have a braai/BBQ.

“The place is ideal for the diaspora community, local and international travelers, business people and pilgrims. Everybody. Here you just need to bring your luggage, check in as family/friends, collect your keys and feel at home”.

Mandozana, a biomedical scientist and former staff member of the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, explained the background to the development of“I saw an opportunity and took it right away.

“I discovered that most people who had migrated to the diaspora, like me, had not finished building their own properties. They also did not have suitable homes to match their new lifestyle. For me, it was a big chance, so I decided to come back from UK (UK) to start this business.

He continued; “My wife and children are still in the UK even though I visit them very often.

“I had to give up our happiness of being together as a family. I thank God that technology has bridged this gap in long distance relationships. We chat on Whats App and all other social media platforms. They also visit sometimes although Covid-19 has caused disruptions in our daily lives and plans.

There are plans to expand the property and Mandozana is currently in contact with house owners in the capital to acquire more houses for his business.

Describing Northway Holiday Homes, the businessman gives credit to the physical location of the accommodations.

“One of our advantages is that we are located close to Robert International Airport and downtown Harare. The location is also convenient for the PHD ministries of Prophet Walter Magaya. We get our clients (mainly prophets) from abroad.

The holiday homes have one of the best security systems in Harare.

“We have a private security company running our house with a built-in alarm system. Security guards are always available with an alarm guard system of at least three minutes.

The premises have several amenities including borehole water, DSTV, free Wi-Fi, solar backup electricity, solar heated water geysers, two parking lots for each house, security, barbecue/braai stations, traditional outdoor cooking places (Choto cheKumusha) for Mazondo and Musoro weMombe.

“Customers can also plan their local visits with peace of mind; visiting places, relatives and friends and inviting visitors to their homes. This is where you have your holidays, meetings/gatherings and retreats in peace and quiet!

“You go places and invite your loved ones into your home for the duration of your stay, because Northway Holiday Homes is ‘the perfect meeting place today for the memories of tomorrow’.


Northway Homes is only 5.9 km from RGM International Airport and 7.6 km from downtown, 1.2 km or 3 minutes from Prospect Palms Private Maternity Hospital, PHD Prayer Mountain is 1 .2 km on our left and the PHD Yadah Hotel is 2.4 km away (168 Smuts Road ) and the Community Development Technology Trust (CDT) center is 300 meters away. Metro Peech and Browne Wholesalers are 4.3 km away, Catholic University is 3.4 km away.

Splendor Gardens is 1.3 km away, New Frontiers Gardens 5 km away and Mcintosh Gardens 2.3 km away.

For more information on this charming vacation spot, please visit the website: or search Northway Holiday Homes

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