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SANTA CLARA – Santa Clara City residents will soon have six new pickleball courts and a beach volleyball court, thanks to the construction of a new resort near Archie H. Gubler Park on Rachel Drive.

Although some residents are unaware of its existence, the new vacation resort, Paradise Village in Zion, is already operational. The 17.5-acre project is located north of Gubler Park and Lava Ridge Middle School at 3800 N. Paradise Village Drive in Santa Clara.

Construction began in August 2014, and the first units were leased in late March, said Santa Clara City Councilor David Whitehead. Whitehead is also a real estate agent for the project.

As part of the development, six pickleball courts and a sand volleyball court will be built by the developer directly north of the Gubler Park baseball fields. Pickleball and volleyball facilities will be accessible to the general public and are currently in the engineering stage, Whitehead said.

“They should come in later this summer,” Whitehead said, “and these will be open to everyone; they will be park equipment.

Plans are also underway to convert the tennis courts at Canyon View Park to pickleball courts. The existing tennis courts, located at the south end of the park on Canyon View Drive, are old, worn and rarely used, said city manager Ed Dickie. “There have been a lot of people who have asked for pickleball. “

Whitehead said the plans are not finalized, but there will be a change. The courts are not in good shape and something must be done.

“People really want pickleball courts,” Whitehead said, adding that the city wanted to provide them.

Paradise Village is owned by Merrill Properties LLC, and the owners live in Santa Clara, Whitehead said. When completed, the project will consist of 81 units; 50 single-family homes and 31 townhouses.

The first phase of approximately 35 units has been sold and construction of the next phase is expected to begin in June. Construction doesn’t begin until a unit is purchased, Whitehead said.

The resort homes are owned by individuals but are available for overnight rental through property management companies, Whitehead said. About half of owners use the units as second homes and rent the property while they’re not using it, Whitehead said.

Santa Clara requires owners of Paradise Village to use one of the many property management companies, which are licensed by both state and city. This, along with the overall design of the project, will protect residents and avoid problems, Whitehead said.

“Cities generally have difficulty with overnight rentals,” Whitehead said, especially in areas that are not designed for overnight rentals.

Officials reviewed other successful projects and then incorporated what they learned into the city’s requirements for Paradise Village.

City officials have spent time studying other successful projects across the country and have found that bothersome issues, such as late arrivals, noise issues, and parking on residential streets, can be avoided with proper project design, Whitehead said, and the presence of a property manager. on the site.

“The reason they’re successful is that they’re in their own little neighborhood and they’re all zoned the same way, for overnight rentals,” Whitehead said, “and they’re all managed. in the event of a problem, the property manager can be present on site and take care of things… so it’s a much better situation.

“There’s just better control,” he said, “and the project is going smoother and better.”

The use of property management companies also ensures that the city receives the appropriate tax revenue. The city will benefit from both property taxes and sales tax, Whitehead said.

Whitehead estimates that the project has already injected $ 27 million into the local economy over the past two years, just along with development and construction costs, and the project will continue to benefit the city and the region.

Resort homes and townhouses are built specifically for vacation rental with features such as large kitchens and dining areas to accommodate common meals for two or three families who could rent the same home. The units range in size from 1,800 square feet to 10,000 square feet; and three to 10 bedrooms, Whitehead said.


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