New Liskeard hotel drops Christmas vacation camper van in snowdrift

A hotel in New Liskeard, Ont., Took inspiration from a classic holiday movie to bring Christmas cheer to passers-by.

Anyone driving Highway 11 past the Quality Inn in New Liskeard would be hard-pressed to miss an old motorhome that appears to have crashed into a snow bank.

The scene is inspired by the 1989 film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and is complete with a dummy sewer line and cardboard cutout of Randy Quaid’s goofy character, Cousin Eddie.

“People were having fun,” said Sean Mackey, general manager and co-owner of the hotel.

“And given the last two years we’ve been through, that was our main goal. Make people smile.”

Mackey said the film, which starred Chevy Chase as the affable but goofy Clark Griswold, is a classic he watches with his family every year.

“I think this movie resonates with a lot of people,” he said. “I think we maybe all have cousins ​​Eddie in our families.”

In the movie, cousin Eddie and his family crush the Griswold family’s Christmas with their RV. A few vacation hijinks ensue, including a memorable scene with a sewer line.

Mackey said he got the idea when he spotted an old 10-meter motorhome parked outside a local business.

He contacted the owner of the business and asked if he could rent it for the winter.

“Of course I told him what I was doing with it, and he hopped on board,” Mackey said.

With sturdy excavation equipment, the hotel was able to bury half of the motorhome under a snowbank.

I thought he was crazy.– Emily Manners, Sean Mackey’s niece

And it became a success in the community.

“You won’t see this anywhere else, in Canada or around the world, more than likely,” Mackey said.

He said his niece posted a TikTok video of the attraction that reached nearly 300,000 people.

“I thought he was crazy,” Mackey’s niece Emily Manners said.

Manners said the year before his uncle had put a van in a snowbank, so he decided to outdo himself in 2021.

She said her TikTok videos typically garner around 600 views, and the nearly 300,000 views so far for the RV snowbank is by far the highest she has ever seen for her.

“I think it’s just funny,” Manners said. “A lot of people love the Griswold movie, and everyone knew about the van last year. And it’s definitely a step up from last year.”

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