Mother charged with grand larceny after family sneaks into Universal Orlando Resort

The Universal Orlando Resort is one of Florida’s most popular theme park destinations. Joining Walt Disney World Resort and SeaWorld, Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal’s Volcano Bay and Universal CityWalk, are visited by millions each year.

While Universal, like other vacation hotspots, aims to provide an unparalleled experience such as the magical Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World, the parks are sometimes disrupted by unusual behavior and even a security presence when incidents occur. produce. Last December, several guests were arrested after they were seen bypassing entrance turnstiles and therefore failing to pay for multiple entries.

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The arrest, which took place on December 18, 2021, involved Mary Anderson, a mother from London, England, her three children and two other unidentified guests.

Via the Orange County Clerk’s Office, public court documents reveal details of the incident that took place in and around Universal Studios Orlando, with arrests made at the brand new Jurassic World Velocicoaster attraction in Islands of Adventure. The police report reveals what exactly happened last December at the Universal Orlando Resort.

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The incident report reveals that Detective Patrick Cavanaugh was working on extra assignment at 6000 Universal Boulevard – more commonly known as Universal Studios, Orlando. He writes:

I was contacted by the security office and informed that earlier in the day a group of adults and minors had passed through the entrance turnstiles without purchasing tickets. The security official said Universal Studios wanted to pursue the adults in the group and encroach on them, but only wanted to encroach on minors. She said security guards located two minors and an adult in the group at the entrance to the Velocicoaster attraction.

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After approaching the Velocicoaster, Detective Cavanaugh was joined by Detective D. Osso, and upon making contact with the subjects at the jurassic world– themed coaster discovered that one of the men was 18 and had been handcuffed. However, upon arrest, the man then told officers that he was 15 years old. The group of three were then escorted to the security office.

The report continues:

Security guards showed me surveillance video of the incident, which showed each of the three subjects walking through the turnstiles without having their tickets scanned by staff. They appear to be accompanied by a woman pushing a stroller, another woman in a red dress, a man and a little girl in teal shorts, all of whom advised security not to buy tickets.

Later, a woman, identified as Mary Anderson, arrived and claimed to be the mother of the children currently being held in the security office. The universal guest read her rights from Miranda, but claimed her kids arrived at the Orlando theme park with another adult and she’d been “at a party all day.”

Universal Studios
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However, the truth soon began to unfold:

Security officers were able to find video footage of a woman pushing a stroller with a woman in a red dress. These individuals are seen going through the turnstiles without having their tickets scanned. We see them briefly stopped by an employee, then crossing the park. Security was able to capture a clear static shot of the woman pushing the stroller. I asked each of the miners […] with whom they came to the park, and they declared to their mother, and that they would recognize her if they saw her. I showed each of them the still image from the security camera, and each identified her as their mother. Mary Anderson was still sitting on the stairs outside the office. I then asked each of them if the woman sitting on the stairs was the same person as in the photo, and they all replied that it was.

The Anderson children further identified their mother as the woman who was seen on video footage as entering the park with them without having their tickets scanned at the turnstiles. The report states: “It is reasonable to believe that the children seen were under the direction of their mother.

Orlando Universal Islands of Adventure
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In a final statement on the report, the cost of unpaid tickets along with fees were listed:

Agent Persad reported that the total cost of admission fees which Ms. Anderson deprived Universal Studios was $156.00 per ticket. Mrs Anderson did not pay for her ticket and she was also with her children […] as well as an unidentified child in a stroller and a little girl wearing teal shorts. This would be a total cost of $936.00. Based on the entirety of this investigation, there is probable cause to charge Mary Anderson with the following violation of Florida State law: 812.014(2)(C)(1)-24 Grand Theft.

Mary Anderson was released on $1,000 bail the same day.

Universal Studios store exterior
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This isn’t the first time, and it likely won’t be the last, that criminal offenses have occurred on Universal Orlando Resort property. Last year, two guests of the rising star of CityWalk got embroiled in an argument with members of the Univeral team, which led to an arrest and a trespassing order, with fights also breaking out during the Halloween Horror Nights seasonal event. Then, just recently, a guest performed a strange Harry Potter shoplifting at the Universal Studios store, leading to an arrest and a charge of grand larceny.

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