Mayor Victorino vetoed hotel moratorium bill


Mayor Michael Victorino on Wednesday announced his veto on Bill 148 (2021). The bill would establish a moratorium on new temporary housing in all zoning districts of Maui.

“If we don’t provide the right type of accommodation for visitors in the right places, we could see an influx of vacation rentals into our residential areas. We have seen this happen with vehicle rentals before as residents closed the gap during the period when rental vehicles were not available, ”said Mayor Victorino.

According to the bill, the purpose of the moratorium is to comply with the plan for the island of Maui, putting a pause on increasing transient accommodation and tourism.

“The hiatus will maintain the number of current temporary accommodation units until the council enacts legislation implementing the appropriate recommendations presented by a Temporary Tourism Management Inquiry Group established by the Budget Committee,” finance and economic development, which establishes a limit of temporary accommodation classified by type of accommodation and by community plan area, or two years from the date of entry into force of the ordinance establishing this chapter, according to the first possibility.

The bill further states that the Interim Investigation Group may investigate and recommend actions, including the carrying capacity of the island in the Maui Island plan and for places heavily visited and traversed, ” addressing the infrastructure charges of roads, sewerage facilities, water use, other county facilities and environmental impacts.


In the draft document, the council found that “the under-regulated growth of transient accommodation and the continued development of transient accommodation is directly linked to an increase in tourism, which has negative impacts on the environment, overwhelms them. existing infrastructure in the county and has a negative impact on the quality of residents. of life.”


The mayor said he believed the moratorium would worsen an “already severe housing crisis” by renting out to visitors and removing the housing Maui’s working families need.

The bill passed second and final reading on December 3, 2021.

The document further states that it does not apply to the processing, approval or granting of any request for approval of new temporary accommodation that has received its final discretionary approval “prior to the date of entry into force of the ordinance.


According to the mayor, three changes were made without public notice “therefore, the public has not had the opportunity to give their opinion on the impact of the changes”.

Mayor Victorino urged Council to reconsider passing the bill.


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