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The credit without proof of use is recorded not only in terms of amount and duration, but also according to the purpose. So it is crucial if a customer only wants a smaller bridging loan of a few hundred euros in order to finance a new washing machine or if he needs a six-figure amount in order to realize a mortgage.

Credit without proof of use – overview

Credit without proof of use - overview

Credit without proof of use – cheap from the net

A where-used note is a document that the borrower must submit to his lender. When it comes to mortgage lending, banks usually charge invoices from craft firms and construction companies to show what services have been provided.

The proof of use provides the bank with the assurance that a loan is secured by real estate and is actually used for the purchase of the property and is not used for consumer needs. Normally the proof is to be deposited directly after transfer or completion of construction.

Especially in the case of mortgage lending partial amounts are paid out, which are cleared with invoices. Proof of use is required by commercial banks as well as public credit institutions such as Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.

Financing that exceeds the purchase price of the property and its construction costs, in the sense of full financing, a proof of use is required to 100%. If the proof of use can not be provided because the loan was used for other purposes, it is a fraud.

The bank can then terminate the loan immediately and demand the immediate repayment of the loan amount.

Credit without proof of use – consumer credit

Credit without proof of use - consumer credit

Consumer credit is a picture that it is not used for a specific purpose but can be used for indefinite consumption. For this reason, customers do not need to specify a purpose and also provide no proof of use.

Consumer credit usually has a low credit volume with a short term. Consumer credit has the purpose of consumption and also offers low earners the opportunity to afford a loan or something.

Today’s credit picture of borrowers is no longer saving. Was saved a few decades ago on a consumer desire, so today a loan without proof of use is taken immediately. The credit rating is a decisive factor. This shows how high the credit may be and whether one comes at all.

Who decides on a consumer loan does not need to specify a purpose and also not provide proof of use.

Credit without proof – conditions for a loan

Credit without proof - conditions for a loan

Many credit seekers have a burdened private credit and get in this country no more credit. But often it is imperative to receive funds. There threatens an entry in the private credit, because bills can not be paid. The reasons for a loan are many. Who has a negative private credit does not need to audition at his house bank. It will only approve a loan if the customer can meet all conditions.

These are the sufficient and regularly incoming income, the clean private credit and the permanent employment. The employment contract may not contain a time limit or probationary period. The income is ideally above the attachment exemption limit. Other liabilities should be manageable.

Anyone who has too much debt and hardly meets his installment payments has the worst possible conditions for a loan. Many loan seekers remain as the last salvation of private creditfreie credit from abroad.

The loan does not require proof of use.

Credit without proof of use – home loan

Credit without proof of use - home loan

Anyone who has a property and wants to keep it in good shape, not only has to work on the outside but also on the inside. Since the bathroom is remodeled age appropriate.The new heating is also planned. At the same time, the roof is being expanded. Many jobs for which it does not necessarily have to be a real estate loan. This work can be done with a renovation loan or home loan.

Exactly however as with the house financing are the earmarked credits. Loans that are assigned with a purpose. Customers are then only allowed to use the money for the stated purpose. Before the work is started, the financing needs should first be determined. Those who can do their own work, can reduce the loan amount significantly. But if no earmarked credit is taken but a simple installment loan to carry out the work, the need to present no evidence of use.

The money can then be used freely.

Credit without proof of use – Liechtensteiner Kredit

Customers with bad private credit can cover their financial needs with a private credit-free loan from Liechtenstein. However, some requirements must be met for this as well. First, a reputable credit intermediary should be sought who will undertake the preliminary examination and all important preliminary work. Customers should not pay any pre-payments.

The loan from abroad requires an income that is above the attachment exemption limit and has an attachable portion. The income must not be pledged. The bank provides three credit lines with a credit line of 3500 euros, 5000 euros and 7500 euros. The most approved loan amount is 3500 Euro. The reason, the incomes are set high. Thus, the 7500 euro loan from a single person must have a net income of 1800 euros.

Child benefit, parental allowance or other social benefits are not recognized. The 7500 euro loan requires a 48-month employment period. Even the 3500 euro loan requires an income of 1150 euros and a one-year employment period. The private creditfreie credit is a loan without proof of use.