I’m a hotel manager and my shower cap makes staying in a hotel so much easier

EVERYONE looks forward to the luxury of staying in a hotel while on vacation, but away from the comforts of our own home, it can be hard to feel completely rested and at ease.

To help you maximize your rest and really get your money’s worth, a hotel manager has shared his insider tips.


Dirty shoes can be kept away from the rest of your suitcase with this handy hotel hackCredit: Getty
Using the free shower cap to hold your dirty shoes will protect your other clothes.


Using the free shower cap to hold your dirty shoes will protect your other clothes.Credit: Getty

David Antico took to Quora to share the hacks he learned as the manager of five hotels.

He said: “Whether you’re gearing up for the day, taking a midday break, or waking up at the end of the night, use these suggestions to make your travels a little easier.”

His first piece of advice was to make your bathroom double as a steam room.

He said: “When you travel your clothes are normally folded up and put in your bag.

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“Allow the steam from the shower to remove wrinkles by hanging your clothes in the bathroom.”

Then he suggested a very practical alternative use for the free shower cap that is often left in your bathroom.

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He said: “Hiking, walks in the rain and sandy toes are all part of the holiday experience.

“Put your dirty, wet, or salt-soaked shoes in the shower caps that come with your room.

“Keep the rest of your clothes clean by securing the beanie.”

His next tip was to use the coffee machine for more than just coffee.

He said: “The coffee maker is useful for more than making coffee in the morning.

“It can also be used to boil water for porridge or quick noodles.”

Finally, he offered a hanging trick to make sure your curtains are fully drawn and your bedroom is totally dark while you sleep.

He said: “It’s bad enough to wake up to an alarm, but it’s so much worse to wake up to blinding sunlight streaming through the gap in the curtains before your alarm went off.

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“Use the hangers in your closet to prevent this. Secure the curtain gap with the clips you would normally use for pants or skirts.

“You’ll be well on your way to becoming a morning person after a good night’s sleep.”

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