Hyundai is opening a hotel…

  • Hyundai is using the vehicle’s charging capacity of the Ioniq 5 to power a pop-up hotel in Essex, UK.
  • The deluxe cabin includes a cinema and a restaurant with a bar, all powered by the crossover’s battery.
  • V2L technology promises to make camping easier in the future, without the bi-directional charger required by vehicle-to-home (V2H) capabilities.

    This is the premise of the Hyundai Hotel, an off-grid pop-up hotel where a Hyundai Ioniq 5 provides power for all electrical appliances in a luxury cabin via its vehicle-to-charge (V2L) function.

    The hotel itself is located in Essex, England, about an hour from central London, and has one suite, a restaurant with bar, and even a cinema.

    The V2L differs from the V2H, or vehicle to home, in that it does not require a two-way charger to operate, making this concept much less dependent on special hardware. In fact, all it needs is a car adapter.

    The idea for the pop-up hotel was prompted by Hyundai’s own research which showed that 46% of respondents say the environment and sustainability are more important to them than they were five years ago. years when choosing hotels, with 25% also indicating that they choose stays over flying abroad to reduce their own carbon footprint.

    “Two-fifths (40%) say they are also looking for cheaper travel options this year and more than half (55%) admit this decision is due to the current cost of living crisis,” noted the Car manufacturer. “As a result, more than half (53%) say they would like to invest their holiday spending in local UK economies rather than overseas.”

    This vision of a sustainable vacation includes bringing your own electricity.


    The luxury cabin itself, built by Colemans Farm, relies on V2L to power everything inside, down to the espresso machine in the small bar and the projector in the cinema. The Ioniq 5 itself provides AC power (230V/50Hz) up to a maximum of 3.6kW (15A).

    The hotel itself will be open for 14 nights, from October 19 to November 5.

    “Our award-winning Ioniq 5 is able to power the Hyundai Hotel using its V2L capability, where an adapter in the car provides a socket into which home devices can be plugged,” said Ashley Andrew, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor UK. . “The whole experience demonstrates the practicality of this pioneering technology, and we hope the concept inspires more people to get off the grid.”

    V2L technology was timely introduced in the United States when owners of the The Ford F-150 Lightning was able to power essential devices home during prolonged power outages. But aside from emergencies, V2L technology in cars like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 promises to redefine the camping or glamping experience, with Hyundai’s pop-up hotel being a fitting demonstration of sustainable vacation stays.

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