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Unlicensed tourist accommodations have until the end of October to register for the Belize Tourism Board’s hotel amnesty program. Indeed, the plan is to make owners of apartments or studios, those who have condos or vacation homes and room rentals on platforms like AirBnB part of the formal sector. The hotel registrar is Denmar Villar, who explained.

Denmar Villar, Hotel Registrar, Belize Tourism Board: “A new law has come into force. The handing over of his ears or the Accommodation Tax Act of 2022 recently enacted by the government which gives the possibility to unregistered properties in three categories of accommodation; apartments, apartment rentals, condominiums, vacation homes and homestays. This gives the possibility to those properties that have been running for a few years and since they are not registered they obviously do not pay taxes, so it gives the possibility to these properties to come and register with the BTB which is the regulatory body and, as the law says, there will be a tax rebate, which means that all taxes, if they have been operating for three or five years, that should have been paid, will basically be cleaned up. They will receive a clean slate. That’s why here at BTB we started this campaign, the Hotel Amnesty Program for these properties to comment to sign up.

Love News also asked BTB manager Abil Castañeda to address concerns that transitioning to the BTB framework won’t be as easy as these apartment owners think, especially now that they’re being taxed for their own. private spaces. Here’s how he responded.

Abil Castaneda, Director of Cruise Quality Management and Capacity Development, BTB: “Our teams are ready to minimize this fear of bureaucratic processes, which is the first. Number two in the medium to long term, we’re also looking at how we can make it a little bit easier for all of our hotels and accommodations so they can get licenses and renew their license during the year, because we’re looking at that at long term. point of view. There’s a sense that we need to kind of evolve the system and make it more streamlined and move towards a more quality-based system rather than a regulation-based system like we have now, but that’s in Classes. For the next three months or so, our teams will be locked in and ready. We have attention, this is directly administered by the Registrar of Hotels and we would be very happy to share any information or address any concerns the industry may have. In fact maybe some of your viewers will say I don’t know if I would qualify for some maybe my property doesn’t fall under the four categories if you somehow doubt that that you can withdraw from this program, feel free to call the police tourist office at 227-2420, feel free to email the hotel registrar, the email can be found directly on the application form and on the Belize Tourism Board website and from there we will do our best to ensure we help you with this transition.

The idea, the BTB insists, is mainly quality assurance because often those who have rented AirBnBs have received shoddy service. Therefore, the board of directors can intervene and, if necessary, reprimand those who damage the Belize product with poor quality accommodation.

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