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Feltrim Group CEO Garrett Kenny is revising an expansion plan for his Balmoral Resort property in Haines City to add a condominium hotel, brewery, food hall and culinary school.

A 2018 proposal that included a hotel was put on hold in 2020 due to the global COVID pandemic and since then Kenny has added to the 8-acre concept in front of the resort, he said GrowthSpotter. Balmoral is a 228-home complex located on the southeast corner of US 27 and US 17-92. It includes a newly constructed 5,000 square foot event center and a sports Complex with a 2,500-seat stadium, pavilion and grass training pitches.

The hotel plan, which was approved before Covid, has been revised to condominium residences and increased to 100 units from the original 85. Two types of units are planned and will be offered to investors, Kenny said. A group of condos will include more space, additional closets and storage space to attract snowbirds who travel to Florida during the winter months; the other units will be for travelers looking for an apartment-style rental for their stay in Haines City, Kenny said.

“We’ll call it retirement,” Kenny said. “It’s going to tie into the Balmoral Events Center,” giving resort guests smaller options for a few days compared to vacation homes already available in the community.

Two other buildings will house a food hall with a craft brewery and a culinary school, Kenny said. Kenny submitted a site plan to Haines City about two weeks ago and will meet with planners later this month, he said.

A 2-story building will house the culinary school with a 16,000 square foot food court in which he hopes culinary students will work and pursue their careers. The concept in the food hall is to have about 10 food areas already outfitted with the most expensive starter restaurant items such as ventilation hoods and rent them out to vendors, Kenny said. At the brewery, Kenny said he hoped to offer a local beer created just for Haines City. He doesn’t have a brewmaster yet.

Kenny plans to build a stage outside at the retail center, complete with artificial turf for children to play and families to sit, eat, drink and listen to music.

“I’m trying to make it a destination where people will come” to train, eat and play, he said. “My vision for this is you can come in and have coffee and a pastry, you can have pizza, you can have chicken and wings. There will be a bar set up for the event area and of course at the brewery you can enjoy food and a beer.

Similar concepts exist across the country and Kenny said he plans to visit Colony Square to Atlanta for more ideas. Feltrim works with Dave Schmitt Engineering and biotechnology consultant, both in Orlando; FDEP South West District to Temple Terrace; and AIP design out of Winter Park. Kenny said he plans to build it all in one project and will see it open in the first or second quarter of 2024.

“The town of Haines is experiencing significant growth. We think by bringing the concept of 10 different small installations, it worked in other places,” he said. “I think we could have a winner on our hands by making it a destination.”

Feltrim is also working on other projects in Haines City, including Feltrim Place apartments next to a planned Haines City Hall annex.

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