Disney removes ‘Star Wars’ hotel video amid fan backlash

Disney quietly released a video for its new Star Wars-themed hotel that promised an immersive adventure – for over $ 1,200 a night – after fans called the accommodation poor and overpriced.

The Mouse House cleaned up the promo video from Twitter and YouTube, according to Insider. The cruise ship-like hotel, nicknamed “Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser,” is the centerpiece of a two-night journey through a virtual Star Wars galaxy that takes place at Disney World, Florida.

“Once on board, you will sail the galaxy for two days and two nights while becoming the hero of your own ‘Star Wars’ adventure,” former Disney Parks President Bob Chapek said during a presentation company in 2017, when the concept was announced, according to the report.

Fans were apparently not impressed with the final product shared on social media in late November.

“Lightsaber training looks as exciting as a roadside field sobriety test,” a Disney watcher commented on YouTube. “It’s way too expensive,” said another.

Disney did not immediately return The Post’s requests for comment.

Disney released a low-fi welcome video to guests at its new hotel, featuring an alien concierge. The video, which caused a reaction from fans, was eventually deleted.

Disney previously shared a behind-the-scenes video and photos of the Florida-based hotel, which, depending on the package and room size, can cost guests as much as $ 6,000 for a two-night stay when they visit. opening on March 1st. next year.

“Imagine waking up to a Star Wars story, your own Star Wars story,” prompts the Disney promotional website. “Relax in comfort and gaze out of your cabin or suite window as breathtaking ships, planets, stars and other galactic landmarks float on the majestic backdrop of the cosmos.”

The hotel, which resembles a cruise ship, is meant to transport guests to a Star Wars world.  Unfortunately for Disney, some of those guests weren't impressed with a recent promo video.
Courtesy of Disney

But over the weekend, several Disney news blogs posted a bizarre low-fi promotional video sent to guests who had previously booked a stay at the new property. The video apparently did not meet the expectations raised by Disney marketing.

It sparked a storm of criticism from fans. It features a purple-faced alien concierge explaining various activities available aboard the Halcyon Starcruiser, the “ship” that guests will board.

The welcome video sent to new guests at Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ hotel.

A static-filled video shows the concierge detailing some of the activities available during the stay as she taps an iPhone-like device, which streams low-resolution holographic images as she speaks.

“During your trip, you will have access to an exciting range of activities just steps from your cabin. Try your hand at the honored ancient art of wielding a lightsaber, ”says the concierge, before tapping iPhone to reveal an image of another vacation staple – a cocktail.

“Star Wars hotel lady uses iPhone as portable hologram,” tweeted an upset Disney fan.

A rendering of the Sublight Lounge with guests drinking cocktails at the new Disney hotel
A rendering of the Sublight Lounge at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Another one wrote: “Why does it have static analog? What is this accent? Why don’t they have more than 3 activities to discuss in one of these promotions? It’s a $ 3,000 hotel stay, couldn’t they have spent over $ 20 on the video? Why not make an in-universe version of their trip planning videos? “

“Brother, it’s not Star Wars, it’s” Space Conflict. ” Who… approved this for a $ 6,000 hotel experience? ” tweeted another angry fan.

“I realize now that Disney didn’t make the Galactic Starcruiser for Star Wars lovers. They made it for the rich who think Star Wars is cool,” wrote a fan.

Meanwhile, Mickey Views, a Disney news blog with 134,000 subscribers, said the Disney hotel experience could be a “galactic failure” because of its cost and its hotel design, which includes sterile, spartan rooms that one might see on a bad cruise.

“While a lot of people thought this experience could be a huge step forward, a smashing success… it’s starting to not look like that anymore,” Brayden Holness, owner of Mickey Views, said in a video. “It’s not a click trap when I say that I think this immersive two-night experience is going to turn out to be one of the biggest flops Disney parks have ever seen.”

Mickey Views called the Disney Hotel a “galactic failure”.
If you want to vacation like a Jedi, you'll need some serious Imperial credit.
A glimpse inside a cabin at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Rooms cost between $ 5,000 and $ 6,000 for two nights, depending on the package and the size of the room.
David roark
Photo shows the food in the hotel's Crown of Coreillia dining room.
A sample of desserts offered at the hotel’s Crown of Corellia Dining Room, named after the manufacturing planet where the Halcyon and Millennium Falcon were built, in “Star Wars” lore.

Reservations were booked quickly when the hotel was announced, but now, as the 90-day cancellation deadline approaches, guests appear to cancel their expensive commitments.

According to the Disney website, a number of openings started appearing in March, April, and June.

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