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We continue a series on the perfect vacation for you. We started the series off with an overview of cruises and all they have to offer. This week we’re moving to an experience very similar to cruising at all-inclusive resorts. There are many reasons why you should consider choosing an all-inclusive resort for your ideal vacation. The top three reasons we’ll explore this week are location, experiences, and affordability.

When considering an all-inclusive resort, one of the main things you want to consider is location… “Is this destination surrounded by the things I’m looking for? Sand, beautiful water, lush tropical vegetation, proximity to shopping, unique cultural experiences, restaurants, excursions and more? »Location is key when it comes to choosing the perfect location.

Atmosphere is another thing to consider when choosing a location. Are you looking for a place where a lot of people will be present or is your preference a little more distant? While it’s not always thought of, the location is definitely something worth figuring out. It’s your vacation, and your hard earned dollars are spent on whatever you hope to get out of your free time.

Experiences are also a necessity to consider. What do you hope to do, see, taste and talk about while you are at your destination? Many all-inclusive resorts offer on-site and off-site excursions such as snorkeling or scuba diving, ziplining, whale watching, deep sea fishing, tasting tours and more. While you can certainly experience these excursions while on the cruise, being in one destination allows you to do more in a similar amount of time.

The final point to consider when choosing an all-inclusive resort as the ideal vacation is the affordability of travel. The question I always ask when talking to potential clients is what would be the perfect budget for that particular getaway. You can spend between $ 1,200 and $ 1,500 for a few nights, or between $ 7,000 and $ 10,000 for the same amount of time if you weren’t at an all-inclusive resort. Again, what you look for in the total experience will determine a large portion of what you spend.

With an all-inclusive resort, all of your food, drinks, various entertainment, and experiences around the resort are included in the price. Do you want an ocean front suite or maybe a swimming pool connected to your bedroom? You will pay more than someone who would prefer a regular suite. Are there things you want to do outside of the resort? There will likely be an additional cost to this. If you prefer to relax by the pool or by the beach, there will be no additional charges to consider.

In my opinion, an all-inclusive resort vacation gives you the most bang for your buck. One price, little to no planning and the best memories you can imagine. You have the option to include children or search for an adult-only option. It really is as you want.

Leave this world with memories, not dreams!

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