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Whether you’re a frequent guest at Walt Disney World Resort or preparing for your very first visit to the world’s most magical place, one indisputable fact that all guests can agree on is that viewing bonfires fireworks from their hotel window is an indescribable experience. live.

Credit: Disney

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Whether it’s Magic Kingdom park’s current nighttime show, Disney Enchantment, or EPCOT’s epic Harmonious, Disney World‘s nighttime shows are the perfect end to any theme park day.

Usually, though, guests assume they’ll have to go to a Disney Deluxe Resort like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to get a view of the fireworks from their room. But, it turns out that’s not really the case.

epcot fireworks behind spaceship earth
Credit: Disney

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Reddit user u/ByEthanFox shared that he and his traveling party noticed they could watch Harmonious from their bed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort just a week ago! This Value Plus Resort is priced more affordably than Disney Deluxe Resorts or Disney Moderate Resorts, making it the perfect choice for almost any family budget.

The full message reads as follows:

Last week we didn’t know you could see seamless fireworks from your bed at Pop Century

Little did we know last week you could see seamless fireworks from your bed at WaltDisneyWorld’s Pop Century

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Reviewers shared their own experiences, with user u/BargoBoy noting, “I stayed there in early April and we noticed that too! We were on the 4th floor in the 50s building.”

Another Disney Parks fan, u/fuzz_boy also shared his thoughts on the famous Disney World Resort hotel: “Pop Century is the best! We were able to see fireworks last time, but not from the bed. We actually spent our honeymoon there.

century of pop
Credit: Disney

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u/bugsnax8k120 was thrilled to hear this information as they will soon be traveling with a toddler. They wrote: ‘Glad to know we are about to go with our soon to be 2 year old and there is a good chance she needs some sleep and can’t do the fireworks …I hope we can be so lucky as OP!

Fellow Park-goer, u/Euchre offered some helpful advice for anyone wanting to see Harmonious from Disney’s Pop Century Resort, “You have to get a room with the (preferred) ‘lake view’, which costs more. “

century pop pool
Credit: Disney

They noted that the supplement was generally worth it, especially for parents of young children.

Learn more about Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Credit: Disney

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The official description for the retro-themed Disney World hotel accessible at Skyliner reads:

Relive unforgettable fashions from the 1950s through the 1990s. From yo-yos and Play-Doh® to Rubik’s Cube® and rollerblades, this resort hotel pays homage to timeless fashions, slogans, toys and dances that captivated the world over the decades.

Learn more about Disney’s Harmonious

Harmonious Epcot
Credit: Disney

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The official description for Disney’s Harmonious reads:

The heart of Epcot’s transformation comes to life with Harmonious, one of the biggest nighttime shows ever created for Disney parks. The show is a beautifully crafted mix of classic Disney music and visuals reinterpreted by a culturally diverse group of 240 artists from around the world. Come and be dazzled by it all as you discover how the music and stories of Disney have the power to inspire and unite us all, transcending any language or border.

This magnificent new spectacle brings to the World Showcase Lagoon an innovative combination of giant floating screens, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers in a 360 degree view. Enter incredible worlds inspired by Moana, Aladdin, Coco, Brave, The Lion King, Mulan, The Princess and the Frog and other classic stories. Colorful imagery and effects dance and shift as Harmonious weaves familiar Disney music and stories in new ways. Through unique perspectives as diverse as the world itself, Disney songs leap from language to language as the show brings people together from different parts of the world to unleash the magic of the possible.

Have you ever watched Pop Century’s EPCOT fireworks?

Let Academy Travel’s team of experts help you plan your next magical vacation at Walt Disney World Resort’s four theme parks – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios – and the shopping district and restaurants in Disney Springs!

Report: Several Americans found dead at Sandals resort in Bahamas Sat, 07 May 2022 21:11:00 +0000

STATEN ISLAND, NY – What started as a vacation in paradise has taken a deadly turn for three American citizens.

Three Americans, two men and a woman, were found dead Friday at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort in Exuma, Bahamas, with a fourth citizen taken to a nearby hospital, according to a statement from the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Chester Cooper, Acting Prime Minister of the Bahamas, released a statement saying police are investigating the incident and the cause of death remains unknown, although foul play is not suspected at this time.

Police said resort staff contacted them on Friday May 6 around 9am when an unconscious man was found in one of the resort’s villas.

As they moved to respond to the incident, police were informed that another man and woman had been found unresponsive in a separate villa.

Upon arrival, officers were directed to the first villa, where they found a white male lying unresponsive on the floor. A local doctor later pronounced the man dead, finding no signs of trauma on examination.

Officers moved to the second villa, where a Caucasian male was found ‘slumped against a wall in a bathroom unresponsive’, and a Caucasian female was found unresponsive as she lay on a bed. Both showed signs of convulsing, but like the first man, no signs of trauma were discovered, the statement said.

The man and woman, who had been ill the previous night and had visited the local medical facility before returning to their villa, were both pronounced dead by a local doctor.

The identities of the victims have not yet been made public, as police are awaiting the confirmed identification of a next of kin.

Another American woman was airlifted to Princess Margaret Hospital showing signs of illness, according to Cooper’s statement.

Sandals issued a statement shortly after the incidents were reported, indicating that the company is working with local authorities to complete the investigation.

“Nothing is more important to Sandals Resorts than the safety of our guests,” the statement read.

“A health emergency was initially reported and, in accordance with our protocols, we immediately alerted emergency health professionals and the appropriate local authorities to provide support and investigate the situation.”

“We are actively working to support the investigation as well as the families of the guests in any way we can during this difficult time. Out of respect for the privacy of our guests, we cannot release any further information at this time,” continues the press release.

Greetings from…’ Review – Entertainment Focus Fri, 06 May 2022 07:20:26 +0000

Has it really been five years since “Drinkin’ Problem” was a smash hit and introduced Midland to the world of country music? Since then, Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Daddy have been hard at work on albums, EPs and documentaries that have seen the band evolve, adding elements of the Bakersfield sound, the feel of Laurel Canyon bands from the 70s and even now some Stones-esque Swagger & Simon & Garfunkel love folk. So why, when you go to Google and type in “Midland Band”, the question “Is Midland a fake band?” always come? It’s time to give these guys the respect they deserve. This new album, ‘The Last Resort: Greetings From…’ should finally dispel all those misconceptions as we witness the evolution of Midland before our very eyes.

The 12 songs offered here aren’t radically different from anything Midland has released since 2017, but what they do offer are subtle evolutions and twists on their retro-Country, Countrypolitan theme. Longtime collaborator Shane McAnally appears on six of the songs and other writers, like Aaron Ratiere who released his own album today (May 6, 2022) and John Osborne (Brothers Osborne) pop up to shake things up a bit.

If it’s “Classic Midland” you’re looking for, you know, that sweet retro 70s and 80s country feel with a real melodic edge, then you won’t be disappointed with “The Last Resort: Greetings From…” I Lived Here’, a song about deciding to just live at the bar, because, ‘If I lived here, I’d be home right now’, has all the hallmarks of a Midland classic. This Conway Twitty meets Jerry Reed-style twang combined with delicious harmonies and a final third that picks up the pace as it rushes to a heart-pounding crescendo. “Two to Two Step” does exactly what it says on the tin, underpinned by superb 80s-style production while “Sunrise Tells the Story” has an infectious hook and vibes so sweet you couldn’t hold him if he had bodily form!

Where this album really stands out is on the tracks that do something a little different or a little more. The title track is infused with Jimmy Buffett “Island style” vibes as you slowly come to see the guys riffing on the double meaning of the word “resort”. “Paycheck to Paycheck”, which was co-written by John Osborne and shares a certain genealogy with their track “Dead Man’s Curve”, is directly in the tradition of country rock while the closer album, “Adios Cowboy”, continues the group’s recent experimentation with an Eagles sound on harmonies and vibrations. One of my favorite tracks on the album, ‘Adios Cowboy’ is part Hotel California and part Urban Cowboy, what a great combination it is.

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There’s also reason to think that Midland is starting to morph into the country version of Kiss. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons handled most of the vocal duties in this band, but Ace Frehley got to sing a weird song, so did Peter Criss, damn it, even Eric Carr finally got to sing on the “Hot in the Shade” album. ” of the group. Here Jess Carson and Cameron Daddy take the mic and the results are nothing short of outstanding. Carson’s “Life Ain’t Fair” is a kind of Simon & Garfunkel folk number with sharp lyrics and a whole load of southern wisdom as Duddy pulls out all the shoulders, shakes and slings on “King of Saturday Night” while he does his best Jagger impression to very good effect.

A special mention must also go to two other songs. “Bury Me in Blue Jeans,” which is a simple, melodic song about living a simple life. Classic Midland, even if the melody of the verses sounds strangely like the theme of “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” to these ears! Jon Pardi appears on the raucous “Long Neck Way to Go” which promises to be a staple of the band’s live set for years to come with its delightful harmonies and extended jam session potential towards the end.

Fake group? Paa! Midland is the real deal. Talented musicians who make music in the style they love. It’s been rewarding to watch the band tinker and experiment with their style over the past five years. If you’ve watched them closely, you’ll have seen them grow into the band they are today: full of confidence, ready to experiment, and having a lot of fun with them along the way. The title track guy might just be at “The Last Resort,” but at this point in their career, Midland are about as far away as you’d hope.

List of tracks: 1. The Last Resort 2. If I Lived Here 3. Step Two By Two 4. Get It Out Of Your Hands 5. Sunrise Tells The Story 6. And Then Some 7. Longneck Way to Go 8. Life ain’t fair 9. King of Saturday Night 10. Paycheck to Paycheck 11. Bury Me in Blue Jeans 12. Adios Cowboy Record company: Big machine discs Release date: May 6, 2022 To buy: Midland “The Last Resort: Greetings from….”

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A major ski resort will offer free childcare to its employees Thu, 05 May 2022 03:16:00 +0000

JEFFERSONVILLE, Vermont (WCAX) — This week, Smugglers Notch Resort is announcing that it will offer employees free on-site daycare. Before that, they could pay a reduced rate.

Local nonprofit Let’s Grow Kids estimates that a lack of childcare is keeping about 5,000 Vermonters out of work.

Smugglers Notch HR manager Shelly Citron says it’s a family resort and she wants that to extend to those who work there.

“We know that our employees who work here, we want them to provide the best vacations and experiences for our little ones, and to do that, we need to make sure they have a high quality of life,” Citron explained. .

These types of programs are becoming more common, but Let’s Grow Kids director Aly Richards says it’s only a short-term solution.

“We have 8,700 children in Vermont today who don’t have access to child care,” Richards said. “Those lucky enough to find it feel like they’ve won the lottery, but they’re paying 30-40% of their household income for this care.”

Richards added that adequate child care would boost Vermont’s economy by $755 million.

“We need sustained public investment to have enough child care to meet demand, be of high quality, and enable parents to afford and access it,” Richards continued. “As you can see, that’s a huge barrier to employment.”

She says that will only come with major systemic changes.

In the meantime, those at Smugglers Notch are eager to welcome more children into their programs.

“We have kids who have come here who know the ropes and are thrilled to be here, but then bring that energy to the program for all the kids here on vacation,” said Harley Johnson, director of programs. for kids from Smugglers Notch.

Citron said they will be rolling out this new perk in phases.

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Acqualina is the decadent resort we need Tue, 03 May 2022 11:35:00 +0000

Tucked away a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Mid-beach and South Beach, Acqualina is located in Sunny Isles, and while it’s a 15-20 minute drive from Miami’s nightlife, it might as well be a world a way. If you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious experience that pays attention to the smallest details, then a stay in one of Acqualina’s beachfront suites is the way to go.

Whether it’s locals looking to be pampered on a staycation or out-of-town visitors ready for a taste of Miami hospitality, this secluded resort is packed with dining options, on-board service of sea, a world-class spa and swimming pools galore. Here’s our rundown of the property’s outstanding amenities and features.

Interior of the Acqualina Suite


All luxury: One-bedroom suites offer ocean views, marble soaking tubs, and huge oceanfront terraces

Get ready for Old World glamor at this more traditional resort, where resort fees are a thing of the past. Acqualina includes residences as well as the resort, so the service is next-level and many of the property’s guests have been there before or loved it so much they bought a place. This informs the layout of the room, which is sprawling and plush, residential-style with lots of floor-to-ceiling windows, crown molding and marble throughout. Splurge for the ocean-view side of the building and drop by whenever you’re not poolside on the huge deck that looks down on the water from above. Those are truly million-dollar views, but if you want to feel even more pampered, the freestanding marble tub will get you there. Take it a step further with a pampering treatment at the property’s stunning spa, complete with private plunge pools, a relaxation lounge, and several steam and sauna offerings.

Aerial view of Acqualina

Aerial view of Acqualina


Three separate pools, private beach access, and wristbands to keep everything exclusive

Although many families vacation at Acqualina, the resort is very considerate of those who don’t wish to be surrounded by children, with a serene adult-only pool. All three pools are right on the water, and there’s also a private beach with manicured sand and lounge chairs. If you want the view but don’t want to deal with the sand, stick to the grassy pools or lounges which can be reserved with 24 hours notice. And if you get hungry during the day, Costa Grill offers food service at one of the pools, as well as seated table service right on the beach. All of these offerings are completely private, and guests check in at the pool entrance to get their wristband — only hotel guests and residents can dine or swim at Acqualina, providing a welcome layer of privacy that’s uncommon in Miami.

Spread of LPM

Spread of LPM


Check out classic Miami restaurants like Villa Azur or Le Petit Maison for destination dining while you’re in town

As well as an elegant on-site dinner at Il Mulino New York, a very traditional and very excellent Italian outpost, heading into town for dinner is a great way to break up the lazy hours of the day. Villa Azur is a great place for visitors who want the Miami “clubstaurant” experience. Their beer garden is great for an idyllic dinner at golden hour, but quickly turns into sparklers over champagne bottles when darkness falls. Booming DJ sets, boozy cocktails and an elegant plate of steak or fish are the ultimate complement to an evening of controlled nighttime mayhem.

For a different night out, head downtown Miami to Brickell for Petit Maison’s upscale French-Mediterranean menu, or LPM. Reserve a table in advance for a white tablecloth, fine dining experience, or simply take a seat at the bar and sample their classic French specialties like snails, beef carpaccio and prawns in olive oil. For main, the marinated baby chicken with potato gratin on the side can’t be beat, although one local sitting at the bar swears by the duck l’orange.

Cabanasa at La Confidente

Cabanasa at La Confidente

The confidante

Stopover in the middle of the beach for the retro-glam vibe of The confidante if you want a few days closer to the action

After a few days of relaxation in the north, a few nights closer to the party could be in order. La Confidante is the place to be for that; it’s located right on the main street in Collins, and their reasonable rates will leave plenty of room to go big on a poolside cabana. Indulge in the pool and private beach at this lively hotel, where the DJ plays from afternoon to night and drinks are served in custom coconuts opened directly at the bar. Be sure to visit the property’s on-site restaurant, Ambersweet, for a casual mix of local fare and Miami classics, like big-eye tuna tartare with pickled onions or incredibly fresh Chilean sea bass.

After a night of partying, skip the hotel’s breakfast buffet and sample classic Mexican cuisine at Bakan near the walls of Wynwood for an early lunch — and one last margarita before heading out.

East Tennessee resort lands on Forbes 2022 travel guide Fri, 29 Apr 2022 20:03:13 +0000

(NEXSTAR) – Because today’s “luxury shopper” demands it, Forbes Travel Guide has unveiled its comprehensive list of the nation’s best restaurants, hotels and spas as part of its 2022 Star Awards.

This year’s list includes more than 700 sites in the United States alone, each rated five stars, four stars, or “recommended” by independent reviewers from Forbes Travel Guide.

Blackberry Farm, a luxury resort in Walland, Tennessee, was on Forbes’ list of the world’s top travel destinations. Their home restaurant, The Barn at Blackberry Farm, was also on the list.

The Blackberry Farm recently hosted the wedding of PGA golfer Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky, daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. The destination has previously hosted celebrities like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and Neil Patrick Harris shared Instagram photos of him vacationing at the resort in 2019

“Through our rigorous and independent evaluation process, these award-winning properties have all raised the bar for guest experience by focusing on what matters most to today’s luxury shopper,” said Hermann Elger, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide, in a press release issued earlier. this week.

Among this year’s winners, the Forbes Travel Guide recognized luxury properties and restaurants in dozens of states. Some places, however, were home to a much higher number of winners than others: California, in particular, has more five-star restaurants (nine), hotels (18) and spas (12) than any other state. , while New York City has more five-star restaurants (six) and hotels (11) than any other city in the United States.

Nevada and Florida also did well on the 2022 list, with several five-star hotels and restaurants in the former, and numerous five-star spas and hotels in the latter.

The Inn at Little Washington, a DC-area restaurant, also received special mention for maintaining its five-star rating for 32 consecutive years.

Forbes Travel Guide’s annual Star Awards are based on ratings and reviews from Forbes’ global team of anonymous “inspectors,” according to the publication. Five-star reviews are reserved for “exceptional” properties, while four-star reviews indicate “exceptional” experiences. “Recommended” properties are described as always being “excellent”.

Forbes first adopted its five-star rating system in 1954 for the then-Mobile Travel Guide.

A full list of 2022 Star Award winners, including international properties, is available on the Forbes Travel Guide website.

Centara Reserve Samui is Samui’s most Instagrammable resort Thu, 28 Apr 2022 04:21:02 +0000

In an age of traveling millennials with endless new demands, it’s quite impressive that a traditional Thai hospitality brand is able to tap into its market so seamlessly. The Centara Reserve Samui marks the debut of Centara Hotels and Resorts’ first high-end luxury reserve category, and does so in a subtle yet familiar way that’s refreshingly exciting, and coincidentally or not, truly Instagrammable. Here’s how.

We weren’t surprised to find many Thai families staying at Centara Reserve Samui. After all, Centara has been a well-known and well-loved Thai hotel brand for years. However, it’s interesting to see how the Reserve category translated and somewhat teleported Centara into a new era. Sleek design and architecture (by famed AvroKO, no less), a selection of inspired restaurants, and plenty of scenic landscapes make for a memorable vacation here. Rare, refined and truly a novelty for the brand, we signed up for a few days this month. Here are our thoughts.

[All images courtesy of Centara Reserve Samui]

Check-in: The Centara Reserve Samui


Centara Reserve Samui is located at the quiet end of Chaweng, arguably Samui’s finest beach and nightlife district. It’s hard to find a luxury resort in Samui that can beat this location, balancing both tranquility and entertainment – and very close (about 15 minutes) to the airport on top of that.

Pre-renovation and reimagining, Centara Reserve was known as Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui. Those who have stayed at this resort before can recognize a few things if they think about it carefully, though in essence the property has undergone a wild and wonderful transformation.

Colonial design elements are greeted with a contemporary twist and a sense of modernity persists throughout. From the moment you log into the property, the urge to pull out your phone is crazy. Tall palm trees, the sprawling white sand beach, winding staircases, a beach club atmosphere, lush gardens and pavilions give an awe-inspiring sense of arrival, especially when the sun is shining.


184 rooms, pool suites and beachfront pool villas make up the Centara Reserve Samui. During our stay, we called the Reserve Pool Suite our home for two nights.

The open-plan bedroom has a small outdoor plunge pool and a day bed, as well as light and bright interiors. There’s a free mini-bar stocked with snacks, and as a central highlight, a free liquor bar, too. Rum, whiskey and gin are available for guests to concoct their own cocktails during their stay, with the help of a cocktail shaker, jigger, bar spoon and strainer in the room, like a professional.

Further in the bedroom, next to the bed, there is a sleep therapy clock that helps restless snoozers fall asleep in peace, as well as a special button on the phone. Labeled “Surprise of the day”, customers are encouraged to press this button and receive a mini treat delivered to the room. The button can only be used once a day, and somehow makes you want to stay more days and experience more surprises.

Small perks and quirks like this are a small but meaningful new milestone for Centara, and fun for customers to discover too. There’s an overall sense that aesthetics have been a top priority in the design of this resort and its experience, and it’s charmingly executed.

To eat

Dining at Centara Reserve Samui follows a similar ethos: beautifully designed spaces host creative menus with something to ‘gramm up before you swallow.

The star of the show is undeniably Act 5, a modern international gourmet restaurant, where every dish is accompanied by a certain theatrical flair. Think of your steak bursting into edible paper flames, the smoke coming out of your oysters, and cheeky desserts that look like flowerpots, lava bombs, or even dish sponges. Meanwhile, in Sa-Nga, the small contemporary space allows diners to enjoy new-age Thai tapas with authentic local flavors in a relaxed setting. We loved that you could sit at the bar counter and explore dishes like tom yum cappuccinos, pumpkin curries and crying tiger beef to grill yourself.

At Salt Society, you’ll find the cool kids on Sunday brunch or enjoying fresh seafood dishes during the week. Here, the cocktails are to be seen, such as the glass in the shape of a puffer fish or the sangria freshly prepared at the table. At The Terrace, international cuisine can be enjoyed throughout the day, as well as the buffet breakfast in the morning. The latter offers an interesting selection both on the line and a la carte, including mini grain croissants, gluten-free bakery options, and Asian and Western favourites. Finally, at The Gin Run, patrons who enjoy a good drink can unwind with over 35 handcrafted gin concoctions and sample some interesting infused gins that have been flavored with wasabi, rosemary and roses, to name a few. only a few.

Experiences and facilities

The heart of the Centara Reserve Samui experience definitely lies in the outdoors. From small pool access rooms to a large central pool and children’s wet play area, there are plenty of options for snorkeling and diving. We particularly liked the very photogenic infinity pool reserved for adults, which stands like a sort of transparent cube in front of the beach.

Beyond the waters, there’s also a fitness center, yoga pavilion, event rooms, meeting spaces, and the Reserve Spa. The latter has 7 treatment rooms and a spa herb garden, from which herbs and spices are picked and picked for use in treatments and throughout the resort.

This latter practice underpins another very important element of the Centara Samui Reserve: sustainability. Nowhere in the resort did we find much use of unnecessary plastic or paper; even the resort’s kayaks are wooden. No signage in the rooms is marked with paper and there is no plastic enclosing in-room amenities. The station details can be found on a Smart TV, and while slightly unsettling at first, it sheds light on how times and priorities have evolved, and Centara has evolved with them.


It’s hard to compete with the existing luxury properties in Samui, as there are already a plethora of private villas, private butlers and popular gourmet restaurants. What’s smart about Centara Reserve’s approach is that it feels targeted to its loyal fanbase, but also the rise of savvy millennials. “Grammability, sustainability and a smart focus on unique dining experiences give Centara Reserve Samui a distinct edge for contemporary demands.

While Thai heritage and Thai hospitality are still at the heart of the guest experience, it is exciting to see Centara begin a new chapter for a new audience with the Centara Samui Reserve – a story that can be enjoyed both by the family with the children, and the couple with Kir Royales at brunch.

Centara Reserve Samui, 38/2 Moo 3, Bophut Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui; +66 77 230 500.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles Tue, 26 Apr 2022 02:48:11 +0000

With its idyllic climate, pristine hills and valleys, Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy great food and wine, and take in the area’s natural beauty.

Nestled in Paso Robles, Allegretto Vineyard Resort is a great home base for indulging in wine country. Allegretto offers plenty of accommodation, wonderful estate wines, fine dining, and even artwork. This is the complete package for your Central Coast vacation.

Evening at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort

The seaside resort of Allegretto

Built on 20 acres, the resort features stunning Tuscan architecture and wide open spaces to wander around. See orchards and wine and fruit gardens, including the Chef’s Garden, which provides produce for the Cello Ristorante and Bar (more on that later). If you wish, tour the wine region on horseback for a totally different perspective.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort

“I love spring in our area for all the wildflowers on the hills and even in the vineyards,” said Rich Verruni, General Manager of Allegretto Vineyard Resort. “The temperature is perfect, the vineyards are going through bud break, and there is excitement in the air for all the upcoming activities that the warmer weather brings. Rarely does a day go by that our guests don’t say Allegretto is like being in Tuscany and never wants to leave.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort

The estate offers wine tours and wine tastings, weekend yoga, a large pool, and a spa. There is a large courtyard and the hall has a huge fireplace.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort pool area

If you prefer not to be separated from your pup, Allegretto is also pet friendly. The building is lavishly appointed and includes owner Douglas Ayres’ world-class art collection, a unique layer of enjoyment

Art at Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Accommodations range from single rooms to 1,000 square foot suites. The large complex has 171 rooms. Many are equipped with balconies to relax or open a bottle of the best of Paso Robles.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Spa Allegretto offers Swedish, deep tissue, couples, and a variety of other massage options, as well as a range of scrubs and wraps.

Dinner at Cello Ristorante & Bar

The entire resort is built to evoke the Italian countryside and the Cello Ristorante & Bar fits that theme perfectly. The restaurant offers Northern Italian cuisine with local, organic and seasonal produce, some of which comes from the previously mentioned chef’s garden. “The Cello Ristorante & Bar patio is bright and airy, faces west for perfect sunsets, and is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and wine in good company,” Verruni said.

Gorgeous patio at Cello Ristorante & Bar

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner, offerings range from simple margherita pizzas to homemade pasta, salmon, duck breast and filet mignon. Order a specialty cocktail or head straight for the wine – estate, local or international selections.

Enjoy wine, pizza and salad at Cello Ristorante Allegretto Vineyard Resort

“I have several favorite food and wine pairings at Cello Ristorante, but today I can’t wait to taste our bolognese paired with LXV wines; Red Blend,” said Thomas Humphrey, Food and Beverage Manager at Allegretto Vineyard Resort.

Wine tours and tastings

Paso’s warm weather is ideal for Bordeaux varietals, so it’s no surprise that the estate produces some fine Cabernet Sauvignon. These award-winning single-vineyard selections truly light up the palate. You can also enjoy a visit to the vineyard followed by a tasting.

Allegretto Vineyard Resort Estate Wine

Of course, there is also an artistic tour, during which you can learn about the artists and the history behind each piece. Put it all together and Allegretto Vineyard Resort is a great place to drink on California’s Central Coast.

Fern Resort has been ‘making memories’ for over a century (5 photos) Sun, 24 Apr 2022 11:30:00 +0000 “What we try to do is bring people together. COVID has actually heightened the importance of what we’re doing here,” says fourth-generation owner of popular beach resort

It all started with a log cabin built on fern-covered rocks along the shore of Lake Couchiching. The lakeside property is known as Fern Cottage and eventually became one of Ontario’s most popular resorts, thanks to the ingenuity and hospitality of two families.

Fern Cottage was owned by the McBain family in the late 1800s, the first family to invite summer visitors to a guesthouse they had built on the property. In 1918, the business was purchased by the great-grandparents of the current Fern Resort Chairman, Mark Downing.

“I represent the fourth generation,” explained Downing, who is clearly proud of his family’s history at the station.

Many facilities in the current resort are named after family members, such as Bertyl’s Lobby Bar, named after Downing’s grandfather, Bert Rumble. And in the Heritage Dining Room, guests can get a glimpse of the family photo album. Photos from each generation adorn one wall, while another serves as a dedication to the station’s stewards – the women of the family – from his grandmother down to his three daughters.

One of the resort’s many traditions is the popular Mother’s Day Brunch held in the Heritage Dining Room. It offers local visitors the chance to discover the family and friendly atmosphere for which the resort is famous.

The resort is geared towards family vacations, which is quite normal given the strong family heritage linked to the activity.

“Our sweet spot is young families,” Downing said. “What we provide for families is a safe and comfortable atmosphere that allows a nine-year-old to experience what we did as kids: just get up and run around. The kids love it so much; they like to have freedom.

“What we do here is about making memories, and our sense of community really makes that happen in the best way. It’s people who make connections and that includes our staff. The more connections we can make between our customers and staff, the better. Our guests love getting to know their server, the person who teaches them to water ski, puts the worm on a hook or gives them the bike,” Downing explained.

During the peak summer season, the resort employs around 220 people, 70 of them full-time. Of these, 25 to 30 are young people and university students who live there.

“We’re very committed to giving kids their first work experience and the responsibility and learning that comes with it,” Downing said. “When you work in the service industry, you learn skills that will take you anywhere, whatever your business. You will always need to connect with people.”

Many local high school students began their work experience at the Fern Resort. Melissa McKee of Orillia is one of those with fond memories of working at the resort as a teenager.

“It was my first summer job. I was a camp counselor at Play Village – we had kids of all ages. It was such a welcoming home environment – best job ever – it was awesome.

At the time, McKee was living on the lake in Orillia and driving a small boat on the lake to get to work. “Jumping in the tippy was a great way to start the day!”

Now her eldest son, who is almost 15, will start this summer at Fern Resort.

“It will be his first job,” McKee said. “He’s super excited. Now we are looking for a tin tippy for him to continue the tradition.

Downing stressed the importance of ensuring staff have a good experience.

“We encourage them to be part of the community here – it’s that time in your life that’s so special,” Downing said. “Have you seen dirty dancehe asked, suggesting that the resort experience mimics the story told in the classic film about how Frances “Baby” learns and performs with the resort’s dance instructor during summer vacation. summer with his family.

“Many of our staff, as well as our families, return year after year,” Downing added. “Some of our younger staff decide to make hospitality and working at Fern their career. Many of our managers were young children when they started here.

The kitchen staff is no exception. The resort’s chef, along with other kitchen staff, have worked at the resort for over 30 years.

“We have a strong, solid base in the kitchen,” Downing said, “which is a necessity since we serve three meals a day to 300 to 320 people at a time. For dinner, we have to serve a full meal with 11 different starters in one hour. This gives our kitchen staff an incredible skill set. They can do magic there.

Mealtimes also contribute to the community building that takes place at the resort.

“Even though everyone is alone enjoying activities all day, they do get together for meals, often with extended family members and grandparents,” Downing said. “In fact, we often have families enjoying a ‘stay at Fern’ that was a Christmas present from Grandma.

Downing is committed to carrying on the traditions of the Fern Resort that its community – of guests and staff – has come to love. After two difficult years coping with pandemic restrictions, Downing is encouraged.

“COVID has actually reinforced the importance of what we’re doing here,” Downing said. “What we’re trying to do is bring people together and COVID has done the opposite. But it showed us how much we value family relationships and friendships. We look forward to getting back to helping people make those connections.

Local residents will have the opportunity to experience the resort’s hospitality at the upcoming Mother’s Day Brunch.

“Being a destination for a special dining experience is something we also offer the region,” Downing explained. “When we organize these kinds of events, we like to put our best foot forward. It’s an opportunity for our kitchen staff to show off. Being able to get back up and running is exciting and Mother’s Day brunch is a way to celebrate that.

The popular brunch takes place on Sunday, May 8 in the resort’s Heritage Dining Room. Five places are available from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. To book or for more information, visit the Fern Resort website.

Nighttime shows make a magical return to Disneyland Resort, with the 50th anniversary celebration of the Main Street Electrical Parade Fri, 22 Apr 2022 16:23:00 +0000

“As we approach the first anniversary of the reopening of Disneyland Resort April 30we are thrilled to once again host our beloved nighttime spectaculars and introduce brand new offerings that underscore our incredible momentum and set the stage for so much more to come in the future,” said the Disneyland Resort President. Ken Potrock.

The night shows ignite the night again

Over the past five decades, the “Main Street Electric Parade” has brought together generations of family and friends from around the world to revel in its nocturnal magic and imagination. Summarizing this enduring appeal, Disney Live Entertainment presents an all-new grand finale that celebrates 50 years of togetherness and continues the enchantment for a whole new generation of dreamers. This universal theme is reflected in the creative concept for the new final sequence, and it continues the evolution of this darling spectacular.

Inspired by the iconic art style of Disney Legend Mary Blair on ‘It’s a Small World’ and the design of the classic ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ floats, these stories are performed in thousands of twinkling lights and electro musical sound -synthetic-magnetic, with depictions of beloved characters as animated dolls.

As it passes, guests along the parade route see a different set of stories depicted on each side of the float, featuring stylized scenes from more than a dozen Walt Animation Studios films. Disney and Pixar animation studios such as “Encanto”, “Frozen”, “”The Jungle Book”, “Raya and the Last Dragon”, “Aladdin”, “Coco”, “Mulan”, “Brave”, “The Princess and the Frog” and more.

“Color World” at Disney California Adventure brings the animation to life with powerful fountains that create a huge screen of water. Combining music, fire, fog and laser effects with memorable animated sequences, “World of Color” floods the senses and immerses audiences in some favorite Disney and Pixar stories.

Guests will be able to access “World of Color” viewing areas through a virtual queuing system available only through the Disneyland mobile app. * Distribution for the free virtual queue will begin at noon, daily. **Guests with a virtual queue selection must enter the designated viewing area through one of the two marked entry points (blue or yellow), approximately 30-45 minutes before the start of the show. Practical details about the virtual queuing system are available on If the virtual queue reaches capacity, guests can check in with a cast member in the Paradise Bay viewing area shortly before the start of “World of Color” for options of viewing without an appointment. Joining the virtual queue is not required to see “World of Color”, but it is highly recommended. Additional viewing for each performance is located around Paradise Bay on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Disneyland Forever” The spectacular fireworks display is filled with sparkling pyrotechnics and immersive projections that envelop guests on a breathtaking journey with startling special effects. The public gathered on Main Street, UNITED STATESin front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, close to “it’s a small world”, around the Rivers of America and within sight of the Matterhorn will each have a different, exciting and immersive perspective of the show.

Since April 22 in late spring, “Disneyland Forever” will perform Friday through Sunday, and “Mickey’s Mix Magic” screening show is scheduled Monday through Thursday. The “Disneyland Forever” fireworks will then be broadcast every night of the summer.

And celebrates its 30th anniversaryand anniversary, “Fantastic!” – Disney’s longest-running nighttime spectacle – will once again light up America’s rivers at the start of Disneyland Park May 28.

For all nightly shows, guests can view the latest showtimes and schedules on and the Disneyland app.

Dining and shopping add to the enchantment

For a magical dining and entertainment experience, guests can choose to book special dining packages or a dessert night, which include access to a reserved viewing area for a selected show. Guests can visit to learn more and book.***

For a limited time, select carts and restaurants will be offering imaginative treats and eye-catching novelties honoring the “Main Street Electrical Parade”, such as the parade macaron at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café, two special flavors of churro, mixes of pop- festive corns and more . Available at various Disneyland locations while supplies last throughout the summer season, guests can snack in electrifying style with the all-new Elliott Premium Dragon Light-Up Bucket and Premium Turtle Light-Up Sipper. Limit two per item per guest and availability may vary throughout the summer season.

Customers can also bring the magic home with an exciting collection of merchandise, available at Disneyland Resort and shopDisney, commemorating the 50and anniversary of the “Main Street Electrical Parade”. Assortment includes themed ear headband, apparel and more.

The return of these beloved nighttime shows, along with fan-favorite experiences like traditional character greetings, marks another milestone that continues the incredible momentum of the Disneyland Resort’s phased reopening.

On the Disneyland Park
Disneyland Resort includes two spectacular theme parks – Disneyland (Disney’s original theme park) and Disney California Adventure Park – as well as three hotels and the Downtown Disney District, featuring unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. The resort’s hotels are the luxurious 948-room Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, which also includes 50 two-bedroom equivalent Disney Vacation Club units; the magical 973-room Disneyland Hotel –– two AAA Four Diamond properties — and the 481-room Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel with its “day at the beach” theme. For more information on Disneyland Resort attractions and vacations, visit, call (866) 43-DISNEY or contact local travel agencies. Located in Anaheim, California, the Disneyland Resort opened on July 17, 1955. Open daily, year-round.

Check out the latest entertainment details and schedules on or the Disneyland mobile app. Entertainment, experiences and offers subject to change, limited availability or unavailability, and are subject to restrictions and change or cancellation without notice. Theme park reservations and valid admission to the same park on the same day are required for park entry. Park reservations are limited, subject to availability and not guaranteed. Park admission and offerings are not guaranteed. Visit for important information to know before your visit, including the latest information on face coverings.

* Messaging, data and roaming charges may apply. Availability is subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage and app stores are not available everywhere. If you are under 18, get your parents’ permission first.

**Please note that in order to join the virtual queue, you must have entered Disney California Adventure with a park ticket/Park Hopper ticket or Disneyland with a Park Hopper ticket. Guests who begin their day at Disneyland can then enter Disney California Adventure with their Park Hopper ticket after 1 p.m. for their designated entry and show time.

***Dining packages and entertainment offers are subject to restrictions and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. A meal plan is non-refundable, cannot be exchanged or sold, and does not include theme park admission.

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