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The fans did not understand Hotel Transylvania 4 for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and it won’t be there for Christmas. When is the movie coming out?

A Halloween outing for Hotel Transylvania 4 would have been really ideal! It’s the perfect Halloween movie for the whole family. But the wait continues! The last film of the Hotel Transylvania The franchise will also not be released in theaters or streaming in December 2021.

Adam Sandler is the perfect Dracula, but, sadly, he won’t be in the next movie. Still, we love the story and the characters so much that we can’t wait to watch it! So imagine our surprise when we learned that the movie wasn’t coming for Halloween. This is why there has been a lot of confusion over the film’s release date.

Initially, the film was due for release in September 2021, but due to pandemic concerns the film was postponed to October 1, 2021, for theatrical release and streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Negotiations were never finalized on time with the platform, and Deadline announced that the film would not be released until January 14, 2022.

When is Hotel Transylvania 4 coming out?

Hotel Transylvania 4 will be released on January 14, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video only. This film will not be shown in theaters. Do you have a Prime Video subscription or will you be signing up in time for the release?

Will you be watching the movie at home with the family? Watching the movie in theaters would have been nice, but I understand the reason and hey, now we’re saving money on movie tickets and snacks!

Would you like the movie to air in time for Halloween? The first two films will be released in late September and the third in July, but the theme of the third film is summer vacation, so that made sense.

Do not forget Hotel Transylvania 4 aired January 14, 2022, only on Amazon Prime Video.

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Travel seed funding this week Fri, 03 Dec 2021 07:18:45 +0000 >Hotel engine, a business travel startup that focuses on managing hotel reservations, raised $ 65 million in a funding round. …]]>

Skift take

This week, several startups of interest in the travel industry announced funding of more than $ 170 million.

Sean O’Neill

This week, travel industry startups announced more than $ 170 million in funding.

>>Hotel engine, a business travel startup that focuses on managing hotel reservations, raised $ 65 million in a funding round.

Telescope Partners led the round at the Denver-based company.

The company offers personalized hotel reservation and management tools that promise control, transparency, billing and business support, as well as discounted rates at up to 700,000 properties.

CEO Elia Wallen founded the startup in 2015. The company is now valued at over $ 1.3 billion.

>>House of Life, a New York-based hotel and software company, closed a $ 60 million funding round.

Kayak, the price comparison brand owned by Booking Holdings, co-led the Series C fundraising round with iNovia. Tiger Global, Thayer Ventures, JLL, Trinity Ventures and Sound Ventures also participated. The New York-based startup has raised around $ 100 million to date.

Learn more by reading Skift’s coverage of Kayak’s investment in Life House.

>>Big Small, a company that fuses the cottage trend with eco-tourism, has raised $ 3 million (A $ 4.2 million) in seed funding.

Participating angel investors included Koh Boon Hwee, Phillip Private Equity, GPPC Capital Limited and Ascend Angels.

The company prefabricates the modular homes, assembles the mini-homes, and then works with the host landowners to operate them as tourism deals. He plans to open around 300 mini-homes in Australia and New Zealand next year.

>>YouTrip, an online bank specializing in multi-currency services, raised a $ 30 million Series A.

The Singaporean startup offers a multi-currency travel wallet that is linked to prepaid cards often through the MasterCard banking network. The digital wallet allows users to pay for goods abroad in over 150 currencies with no hidden charges and, it claims, at wholesale exchange rates. YouTrip recently introduced a corporate card.

>>Elenium automation, a self-service technology maker, has raised $ 7 million (AU $ 10 million) in growth capital.

Many airports use Elenium’s kiosks to help screen and process passengers. The new funding will help the startup apply the same technology to other verticals, such as healthcare and government infrastructure.

>>Lodgea, a Munich-based travel technology company, has closed an unspecified start-up investment. Media group Müller Medien and DTM Deutsche Tele Medien have taken undisclosed stakes in the startup.

The startup’s software allows marketers to set up direct booking and marketing engines for hotels and vacation rentals through a subscription model. The two new investors said they would help promote Lodgea’s services to small and medium-sized businesses in their networks.

>>Airxelerate, a Berlin-based travel technology startup, received an undisclosed amount of investment from Schauinsland-Reisen, a German tour operator.

The startup offers a cloud-based distribution platform for airlines that promises to allow direct connection to tourism partners and business-to-business customers. The tour operator uses the startup’s tools.

>>Riparide, a travel accommodation reservation brand, has raised around $ 2.8 million (AU $ 4 million) in seed funding. Macdoch Ventures and Upswell Ventures led the round.

The Melbourne-based startup helps people find vacation accommodation, such as caravans, yurts and vacation homes.

>>Waug, a Seoul-based startup that provides an app-based travel activity booking service, has closed an approximately $ 9 million funding round as a bridge to its Series C, Platum reported. The company has raised more than $ 25 million to date.

Skift cheat sheet:
We define a startup as a company formed to test and build a repeatable and scalable business model. Few companies meet this definition. The few that often attract venture capital. Their round tables come in waves.

Seed capital is the money used to start a business, often run by angel investors and friends or family.

Series A funding usually comes from venture capital firms. The cycle aims to help the founders of a startup make sure that their product is something that customers really want to buy.

B series Funding is primarily for venture capital firms that help a business grow faster. These fundraisers can help recruit skilled workers and develop profitable marketing.

C series financing usually involves helping a business grow, for example through acquisitions. In addition to VCs, hedge funds, investment banks and private equity firms often participate.

D series, E and, beyond These predominantly mature companies and the round table can help a company prepare to go public or be bought out. Various types of private investors could participate.

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Expedia: travelers will “grow” in 2022 Wed, 01 Dec 2021 15:24:20 +0000

Expedia’s 2022 Travel Trends report reveals that travelers are shaking up the status quo with new priorities next year. Key findings from the report, which draws on data from Expedia and a global research study, found that more than two-thirds of Americans (68%) plan to push hard on their next trip, and many are eyeing international destinations like Rome, Bali, London and Paris in 2022. Expedia calls this new style of travel “no regrets” the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Trips) mindset.

Expedia’s research, which was conducted by Northstar Research Partners and surveyed 12,000 travelers in 12 countries, found that American travelers adopt the GOAT mindset by seeking excitement / euphoria (41% ) and the feeling that they got the most out of their trip. (40%). The study also found that travelers are more willing than ever to splurge on future trips (40%).

“Traveling is no longer just ‘going somewhere’,” said Christie Hudson, public relations manager at Expedia. “At the end of such a long period of constraints and limitations, 2022 will be the year in which we will draw all the richness and meaning of our experiences. Whether it’s going to a new place, being more spontaneous, or having some fun, it’s clear that a new wave of excitement is bubbling up as travelers seek the grandeur of travel to earn their GOAT. .

Where are American travelers heading in 2022
Domestic travel, especially to seaside destinations in warm weather, remains the top choice of Americans, with 59% of respondents in the United States planning only domestic travel by 2022. However, a significant portion (37%) are planning national and international holidays in the coming year. Here are the most searched places on the lists of American travelers:

Domestic: Orlando, Destin, Gatlinburg — Pigeon Forge, Panama City and Maui
International: Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen / Tulum, Rome, Bali, London and Paris

Delete the schedule
The pandemic has made it difficult to travel or do anything on a whim, with 37% of American travelers admitting to being less spontaneous since the onset of COVID-19. While travel advisories and guidelines will persist for the foreseeable future, travelers nonetheless plan to embrace the impromptu and let go on their future travels. In fact, a quarter (25%) of respondents are willing to be more spontaneous and live in the moment and 26% want to be more flexible and go with the flow this time around.

After canceled trips and postponed celebrations, travelers are ready to make up for lost time and go to great lengths to prioritize themselves and get the GOAT they deserve. Over the next year, 40% of American travelers will be more willing to indulge themselves and spend money on their next trip. Whether it’s indulging in luxurious experiences (15%), upgrading rooms or flights (16%), or visiting a destination of choice (32%), 2022 will be about splurging on things. that make a trip from good to great. The study also found that travelers aged 18 to 34 are the most likely to become fat (80% vs. 56% of travelers over 50), while Gen X travelers are the most likely to become fat. do crazy things. -end of restaurant (18% against 16% overall).

Immerse yourself to discover
Being big doesn’t just mean taking a trip on the to-do list. In the coming year, American travelers will attack their GOAT by stepping out of their comfort zone (22%) and immersing themselves in a destination, culture and experiences that are completely different from theirs (19 %).

Whether it’s trying dishes they’ve never eaten before (40%) and experimenting with local specialties (31%), attending a local music event (14%) and seek out experiences and destinations off the beaten track (23%), American travelers have a renewed curiosity about learning and seeing the world.

The search for sensations
In 2022, travelers not only crave new tastes and places, they also crave the feeling of being excited and elated again (41%); with 11% ready to try daring or high adrenaline activities and experiences and 24% wanting to have an unforgettable evening.

Plus, when it comes to their next trip, a fifth (21%) of travelers are the most excited to do things they usually wouldn’t do, including sleeping under the stars ( 19%), traveling alone (17%) bathing (11%) or having a vacation romance (10%).

Fun without filter
A successful trip is no longer defined by likes on social networks; instead, devices are out and travelers’ priorities are shifting to focus more on staying present and attentive. More than a third (36%) of American travelers seek a sense of contentment and mental well-being on their next trip, and almost a quarter (24%) plan to spend less time on their devices to be more present.

In fact, the travel experience Americans expect the most is the chance to relax and do nothing (38%). To achieve this feeling of contentment, more than a quarter of travelers (27%) also aim to spend more time in their destination to ensure that they take full advantage of all it has to offer. Travel in 2022 will be about quality, not quantity, where travelers embrace the simple pleasures to truly achieve their GOAT with more meaningful impact.

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Survey: 122 million American adults travel on vacation Tue, 30 Nov 2021 14:30:37 +0000

A new survey from The Vacationer shows that 122 million US adults (47.39%) plan to travel for Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa this year. Of those who travel to a vacation destination or gathering, 12.72% will do so primarily by air. Almost 35% will travel 100 miles or more to attend their rally.

The Vacationer surveyed 1,092 American adults over the age of 18 in October. The results were analyzed by Eric Jones of The Vacationer, assistant professor of mathematics at Rowan College South Jersey.

Vacation travel increased 42% from last year
Last year’s vacation survey showed 33.46% intended to travel to a vacation destination or gathering. This year’s figure shows that 47.39% intend to travel, which is an increase of 41.63%.

Six million more American adults plan to fly for the holidays than for Thanksgiving
The survey shows that 12.72% (33 million American adults) say their main mode of travel will be the plane. That figure is six million more people than the amount who said they would travel by plane in its Thanksgiving survey.

Almost 35% will travel at least 100 miles for vacation
Participants were asked how far they plan to travel for Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa.

0 miles. — 28.00%
1 to 99 miles. — 37.15%
100 to 499 miles. — 19.30%
500 to 999 miles. — 7.78%
1,000 miles or more — 7.78%

Almost 35% of American adults (90 million people) will travel at least 100 miles. Almost 16% of American adults will travel 500 miles or more. Almost 8% of American adults will travel 1,000 miles or more.

33% will not spend the holidays with an unvaccinated friend or family member
One in three will not celebrate with an unvaccinated person, while another 20% will if the person tests negative.

23% will spend more than $ 500 on vacation travel
Participants were asked how much they intended to spend on vacation travel this year. (gasoline, flights, hotels, tickets, etc.)

$ 0 —36.41%
$ 500 or less — 40.26%
$ 501 to $ 1,000 —11.07%
$ 1,001 to $ 1,500 —5.58%
$ 1,501 to $ 2,000 —3.02%
$ 2,000 or more — 3.66%

Over 23% intend to spend more than $ 500. More than 12% will spend more than $ 1,000.

Almost 34% will participate in more travel and vacation activities this year than last year
Participants were asked how many vacation trips and activities they will be doing this year compared to last year.

More than last year: 33.85%
Same as last year: 56.63%
Less than last year — 9.52%

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Raffles Seychelles invites residents of the United Arab Emirates to enjoy a festive season Mon, 29 Nov 2021 06:45:40 +0000

One of the best luxury resorts in the Indian Ocean, the Raffles Seychelles is the perfect getaway for travelers who want to celebrate a holiday season filled with wonder, delicious food and endless sunshine. Raffles Seychelles invites guests from the United Arab Emirates to a tropical getaway. Raffles Seychelles combines classic seasonal festivals with idyllic island life. A short flight from the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles is the perfect choice for families and couples who want to enjoy Christmas and New Years on a private vacation.

From AED 4,999, guests can take advantage of a 20% discount on the room and breakfast rate for bookings 15 days in advance, which includes spacious villa accommodation, private plunge pool , an outdoor pavilion with lounge chairs, a daily breakfast for two and much more.

November 1st 2021 until April 30e 2022, Accor, one of the world leaders in the hotel industry, presented a 25% reduction on stays at the Raffles hotel in the Seychelles thanks to its “All You Need” offer. Customers can enjoy the tranquility of their vacation with ALL – Accor Live Limitless. As an ALL member, guests can earn points on their stay, when they visit one of the many fancy restaurants to eat and drink, or go for a shopping spree.

Raffles Seychelles, located on the picturesque island of Praslin, offers stunning accommodation, pristine beaches, azure blue seas, incredible dining options and exceptional service, along with perfect weather. The resort’s private pool villas are the perfect home for the holiday season, with stunning amenities and perfect views that enhance a unique party atmosphere throughout the resort.

On Christmas Eve, friends and families can feast on a live beachside buffet expertly prepared by the hotel’s team of international chefs at Losean Restaurant. Offering live carving stations with traditional meats including turkey, a barbecue with fresh seafood and a wonderful range of festive desserts, the dinner buffet is the perfect way to kick off Christmas.

Experience a Christmas day like no other with a romantic waterfront dinner on the hotel’s private Pti Zil beach. Offering a four-course wine and dinner trip complemented by expertly selected vintages chosen by the resort’s sommelier as well as live entertainment, the romantic Christmas Day Beach Dinner under the stars is ideal for couples who are looking to elevate their festive celebrations with an unforgettable Christmas.

New Years Eve at Raffles Seychelles promises to be a night of revelry accompanied by incredible food and drink as guests are greeted in 2022 in ultimate style. The hotel’s Losean Restaurant will set the stage for a fantastic evening of legendary Raffles service and extravagant celebrations, with a spectacular buffet serving seasonal as well as traditional fare. Diners can select from fresh seafood and delicious meats prepared on a live barbecue and more, while entertainment is provided by a live band, international DJ, handpan musicians, magicians and more. . With the party running until the early hours of the morning, guests can experience a New Years Eve they will never forget.

Guests celebrating Orthodox Christmas can enjoy an exceptional shashlik grill night on January 7. Held by the pool, the evening features an extensive menu of traditional and seasonal dishes accompanied by a live barbecue with entertainment provided by the Mosaik Band.

The little ones are well catered for at Raffles Seychelles throughout the holiday season, with a plethora of authentic and festive themed activities and much more. Young people can look forward to a special visit to Santa Island, which makes its grand arrival from the North Pole with bags full of gifts for children staying at the resort.

On Christmas Day, Santa will make a surprise appearance on the shores of Anse Takamaka Beach while the hotel’s Sugar Palm Kids Club will entertain young people with a super festive themed program including cooking classes, more fun games and activities specially created for Santa’s little helpers. During the New Years event, kids are guaranteed a free fun night out with their own dedicated kids’ area accompanied by a club attendant, while parents can enjoy a worry-free start to the year.

The hotel’s collection of elegant villas will provide ample space and luxury for guests. Lavish shrines, each villa offers stunning views, five-star facilities and elegant furnishings. Visitors can opt for one- or two-bedroom villas with garden, ocean, or panoramic views, or the resort’s unique two-bedroom beachfront villas.

Guests arriving at Raffles Seychelles from the United Arab Emirates for the holiday season will not need to be quarantined and will only need to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of leaving the Emirates . They must also have valid travel or health insurance for their trip.

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Proposed airport hotel in Maui awaiting word on moratorium Fri, 26 Nov 2021 22:34:00 +0000

Nov 26 – KAHULUI – A recently released draft environmental review of a proposed $ 54 million, 200-room hotel adjacent to Kahului Airport for business travelers anticipates little negative impact, but comes in the midst of a heated debate on Maui about over-tourism.

The proposed Kanaha hotel would be built by RD Olson Development on 5.2 acres of vacant land in Maui Business Park II, according to a draft environmental impact statement released Tuesday by the Planning and Sustainability Office of the State, triggering a 45-day public comment. period. The Newport Beach, Calif., Developer also built the Courtyard by Marriott Kahului, which opened in 2012 on the street where the new project would be located, if approved.

The Wailuku-Kahului area is the civic, commercial, healthcare, and transportation hub of the island, but aside from the Marriott property and the much older Maui Beach Hotel and Maui Seaside Hotel at Kahului Harbor, there are has limited options for non-leisure travelers outside of the resort areas of West and South Maui.

The EIA project for the Kanaha Hotel, formerly known as Windward Hotel, recognizes community concerns about the effects of tourism on local lifestyles, traffic, and natural and cultural resources, and stresses that the property is designed primarily for business travelers and only “a small percentage of guests are expected to be leisure travelers.

According to the document, the project conforms to the desired uses for the airport district and would bring significant economic benefits. By providing accommodations to support business and commercial activities in the central region, the report said, the hotel would help Maui’s long-standing goal of diversifying the island’s economy while reducing the demand for rentals from unlicensed vacation.

And the hotel could reduce the number of cars on Maui’s roads between Kahului Airport and resort areas, as business travelers could stay in the central area, closer to where they are making their trips. business, according to the EIS project.

The proposed Kanaha hotel would also provide convenient accommodation for airline crews, military personnel, youth sports teams and kamaaina visiting their families, the report notes.

The Kahului Hotel and other pending projects in Maui could face a major hurdle if Maui County stops construction and expansion of a new hotel. Mayor Michael Victorino has vetoed a moratorium on building permits for visitor accommodation in South and West Maui that was approved by County Council in July. Earlier this month, however, the Council’s Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee approved a new proposed island-wide moratorium on new transient accommodation units for two years or more. until Council can adopt the recommendations of a Tourism Management Inquiry Committee, whichever comes first.

The measure has yet to be fully approved by the Council.

The EIS project describes the Kanaha hotel as being in the mid-price range of $ 251 to $ 500 per night. The property is said to have 80 extended-stay rooms, each with a kitchenette but no oven, and 120 standard rooms spread across one, two, and four-story buildings. Features include a lobby, lounge, dining room serving breakfast in the morning and pupu during the day and evening, sundries store, meeting rooms, business center, laundry facilities , a fitness center, a swimming pool with spa and a barbecue area.

“Features and amenities are limited as the hotel is designed to accommodate the business traveler and not the leisure traveler,” the report states.

If the project continues, construction would start in 2023 with the objective of opening in 2025.

The proposed hotel would have no significant effect on the environment and a negligible contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the state, according to a climate change assessment prepared for the draft EIA.

The construction and operation of the hotel will incorporate “green” construction methods and energy efficient design, including solar photovoltaic panels; a light-colored roofing membrane that reflects solar energy and heat; tinted glass to minimize the penetration of ultraviolet and infrared light; low flow plumbing fixtures and fittings; high efficiency cooling systems; and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Given that the hotel would be built on land that was once part of a 19th century sugar cane plantation, the draft EIA indicates that the project is not likely to have significant effects on human resources. cultural resources or practices.

Among the approvals required for the continuation of the project are an amendment to the Wailuku-Kahului community plan and a zoning change from the county from light industry to hotel, as well as a special permit to use the management area. Additionally, the developer is proposing to change the community plan’s definition of “hotel” to allow kitchens in individual units.

PROPOSED HOTEL KANAHA Public comments on the draft environmental impact study for the proposed Kanaha Hotel in Kahului are expected on January 7th. e-mail to scott.a.derrickson @; regular mail 235 S. Beretania St., Suite 406, Honolulu, HI 96804 — RD Olson: 520 Newport Center Drive, Suite 600, Newport Beach, CA 92660; Anthony Wrzosek, 949-271-1100, anthony.wrzosek @ — Chris Hart and Partners Inc .: 220 Main St., Suite 527, Wailuku, HI 96793; Brett Davis, 808-242-1955, bdavis @ Read the EIS project at.

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Inside the abandoned hotel where 25,000 soldiers fought Wed, 24 Nov 2021 19:52:00 +0000

Once a luxury hotel in Beirut, Lebanon is now abandoned and in ruins after becoming a battleground just a year after it opened in 1974.

Known as the Holiday Inn, it was considered a lavish place to stay while on vacation in the country, according to Jam Press.

The place, however, quickly turned into a battlefield with more than 25,000 soldiers fighting multiple wars, forcing the hotel to close its doors a year later.

Roman Robroek, a full-time photographer from the Netherlands, took photos of the abandoned structure, left in ruins for 46 years.

“It all came to a screeching halt due to the outbreak of the Lebanese civil war,” Robroek, 34, told Jam Press. “Overnight, Beirut went from a legendary tourist attraction in the Middle East to a haven for fighters and combatants. For months, the area – which housed various luxury hotels – became a theater of war with more than 25,000 fighters. “

“It was known as the ‘battle of the hotels,’ added Roman.“ Thousands of people died or were seriously injured, many of whom were thrown from the roof of this hotel. ”

A crumbled hole in a wall overlooking the picturesque port of Lebanon.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
The area is still considered a military zone and is under the strict control of the Lebanese army, which restricts access to civilians.
The area is still considered a military zone and is under the strict control of the Lebanese army, which restricts access to civilians.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
Bullets and explosion holes can be seen on every floor of the abandoned hotel.
Bullets and explosion holes can be seen on every floor of the abandoned hotel.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
The hotel had to close its doors a year later after it opened, as the hotel grounds became a battleground.
The hotel had to close its doors a year later after it opened, as the hotel grounds became a battleground.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
The hotel - known as the Holiday Inn - opened in 1974 and was once a lavish place for those staying while on vacation in the Middle East.
The hotel, known as the Holiday Inn, opened in 1974 and was once a lavish place for those staying while on vacation in the Middle East.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek

In 1976 the war ended, but the hotel was never able to recover and the scavengers took what was left.

“Kitchen equipment, wiring, copper, tools and anything of value [was taken]”Robroek explained.” I can imagine that due to the economic challenges some items might have been interesting to sell or use. “

Six years later, it was the hotspot of another battle: the Lebanon War of 1982.

A photograph shows the swimming pool, once filled with chlorinated water, completely emptied. Other photos show the interior made up of rubble and dust, including a crumbled hole in a wall that overlooks Lebanon’s picturesque harbor.

In one image, the pool area that was once packed with vacationers is now eerily empty, and the grounds in the area are scuffed and rusted.
In one image, the pool is now eerily empty, and the grounds in the area are scuffed and covered in rust.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
Today the building is owned by two separate companies and one of the main reasons it's still a mess is disagreement over its future.
Today the building is owned by two separate companies and one of the main reasons it’s still a mess is disagreement over its future.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
“Overnight, Beirut went from a legendary tourist attraction in the Middle East to a haven for fighters and combatants," says photographer Roman Robroek.
“Overnight, Beirut went from a legendary tourist attraction in the Middle East to a haven for fighters and combatants,” said photographer Roman Robroek.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
“The hotel was never truly a symbol of luxury, but rather a symbol of war and stands proudly as a reminder of one of the darkest eras in Lebanese history," Says photographer Roman Robroek.
“The hotel was never truly a symbol of luxury, but rather a symbol of war and stands proudly as a reminder of one of the darkest eras in Lebanese history.”
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
“Thousands of people have died or been seriously injured, many of whom were thrown from the roof of this hotel," explained photographer Roman Robroek.
“Thousands of people died or were seriously injured, many of whom were thrown from the roof of this hotel,” said photographer Roman Robroek.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek

“Because it was large and dominated the city, the hotel became a favorite spot for snipers,” said Robroek. “The opponents tried to destroy the building with heavy artillery and you can still see the damage from those deadly attacks today. I found bullet holes and explosions on almost every floor.

Robroek, who was intrigued by the building’s history, needed permission from the military, military, government, and building owners to gain access.

“It is very rare to have access to a symbol of war,” he explained. “I went there during the day because the site is guarded by the military and I depended on them for how long I was allowed to enter.”

Roman Robroek, 34, a full-time photographer from the Netherlands, came across the bizarre building with a shocking past while traveling in Beirut, Lebanon.
Roman Robroek, 34, a full-time photographer from the Netherlands, came across the bizarre building with a shocking past while traveling in Beirut, Lebanon.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
The run down parking lot.
The run down parking lot.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
Roman Robroek explored the building with a representative of Silat for Culture - a local non-profit organization - and two photographers.
Roman Robroek explored the building with a representative of Silat for Culture – a local non-profit organization – and two photographers.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek
Roman wanted to explore the building after hearing about the story, but had to go through a few hurdles to be allowed in.
Photographer Roman Robroek wanted to explore the building after hearing about the story, but had to overcome a few obstacles to be allowed in.
Jam Press / Roman Robroek

The structure is currently owned by two separate companies, and due to their disagreement over its future, the building remains in disarray.

Still considered a military zone, the area is under the strict control of the Lebanese army, with strong surveillance, which restricts access to civilians.

“The idea of ​​an abandoned hotel is always somewhat strange, because it is a reminder of the passing of time,” continued Robroek. “The hotel’s backbone became a beating heart for the underground youth scene, as it hosted various events and raves throughout the 90s.”

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Boutique hotel planned for the site of the closed apartments of the memorial park in Helena | Local Wed, 24 Nov 2021 00:45:00 +0000

A pair of Helena entrepreneurs plan to bring what they consider to be the city’s first boutique hotel to the site of the long-shuttered Memorial Park Apartments on Lyndale Avenue.

Karli Mosey and AshLy Tubbs have forged meaningful professional and personal relationships, previously creating a subscription gift sets service which they believe gave them the courage to go further.

This higher reach is a proposed 12-room luxury hotel with a mid-century modern aesthetic that could offer Helena-centric vacation packages and amenities provided by small local businesses.

“We want to find creative ways to show people the best of Helena, from coffee in their cups to shampoo in the showers,” Tubbs said Tuesday.

AshLy Tubbs, left, and Karli Mosey, two entrepreneurs from Helena, have offered to build a 12-room boutique hotel on the site of the now closed Memorial Park Apartments.

ERIC SEIDLE, Independent Disc

Mosey detailed the first plans for the project in a pre-bid meeting Monday afternoon with the planning division of the city of Helena.

The hope is to start the asbestos removal and demolition of the existing structure this spring.

In addition to the hotel, Moser and Tubbs said they hope to create a second company to operate on the property. They measure the interest of a few different local businesses.


Buck Rea bought the property from his family in 2000 and managed it as the 35-unit Memorial Park Apartments before it closed in 2017.

Jesse Chaney, independent record

The hotel will be named “The Bell, Helena’s Boutique Hotel”, a nod to a former business located at 40 E. Lyndale Ave.

People also read …

Originally known as Treasure State Court when it was built in the 1930s, the modest inn has undergone more than a few transitions over the decades. According to, WL Bompart bought and renovated the property in 1952, giving it the nickname Bell Motel.

A 1961 advertisement praised the property’s 45 units and its proximity to Memorial Park playground and public swimming pool. “BEAUTY SHOP IN CONNECTION,” read the ad, similar to the latest site maps.

The couple’s first business venture, Community Crates, began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to bring local businesses together, providing an alternative source of income for those struggling to attract customers in person.

“We see this as a way to broaden and extend this original idea,” Mosey said in an interview on Tuesday. “The hotel is a greater opportunity to encourage support for local small businesses.”

She told the Planning Division on Monday that the project “would use nearby amenities and improve stays in downtown Helena, channeling tourists directly to small businesses in our community.”


“I’m trying to make anything easier to improve the property,” said Buck Rea, owner of Shuttered Memorial Park Apartments.

Jesse Chaney, independent record

Tubbs said she hopes the new venture will honor Helena’s story as a modest repayment for the years of support she and her friend Mosey have received from the community in their personal and professional lives.

“There is so much that Helena has to offer that we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops,” Tubbs said.

Buck Rea, who bought the property from his family in 2000 and managed it as the 35-unit Memorial Park Apartments before it closed in 2017 due to costly repairs to the fire sprinkler system, will retain ownership of the property and will lease the land.

“Speaking to people all over town, everyone really wants something going on there other than what’s going on right now,” Rea told the Planning Division. “I’m trying to facilitate anything to improve the property.”

The duo are in the “dream and planning phase” as Tubbs said and “a lot of moving parts need to fall into place”.

City staff provided additional information on what should happen from their perspective for the project to move forward.

Due to the change in use of the property, a new approach permit will need to be obtained from the Montana Department of Transportation, as Lyndale Avenue forms part of Highway 12.

The property sits in what is now zoned as a downtown neighborhood, requiring a minimum structural height of 22 feet, a fairly new code intended to encourage the development of mixed-use structures.

With preliminary site plans detailing a shorter structure, they would have to request a waiver or rezoning.

An extension of the water pipe may also be necessary as the site now has no direct access.

Demolition will require a separate municipal permit and asbestos removal will have to go through Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality.

As the property falls under the city’s Railroad Urban Renewal District, the business partners intend to apply for tax increase financing funds to the city to help offset development costs.

Despite all the red tape, Tubbs said they were up to the task.

“Community Crates has taught Karli and I that we can do whatever we think about,” she said. “It was a great lesson we learned, to reach higher.”

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New members of the board of directors of Vacasa, CHLA; more people on the move Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:29:16 +0000

Vacation rental management platform Vacasa has added a new member to its board of directors, while the California Hotel & Lodging Association has elected its new leadership.

Vacasa appoints Barbara Messing to the Board of Directors
Vacasa has revealed that Barbara Messing is expected to join the company’s board of directors as an independent director following the successful completion of its business combination with TPG Pace Solutions, a specialist acquisition company.

She is currently Director of Marketing and People Experience at Roblox and a board member of Overstock, where she helped guide both technology platforms through different stages of growth. Previously, she was Senior Vice President / Marketing Director at Walmart US and Senior Director / Marketing Director at Tripadvisor.

Messing plans to join Vacasa’s board as an independent director upon closing of the company’s transaction with TPG Pace Solutions, which is expected to be finalized by the end of this year.

The CHLA elects a new board of directors
The California Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA) elected its 2022 Board of Directors at its annual meeting on November 18 at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.

Tom Patton, Managing Director / Partner, Ramada by Wyndham Santa Barbara, will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for CHLA 2022, with Bijal Patel, CEO / Senior Partner, Coast Redwood Hospitality, becoming the Past President. Patton will be supported by Vice President Hee Won Lim, General Manager, Pacific Palms Hotel, and Secretary / Treasurer Dhruv Patel, President / COO, Ridgemont Hospitality.

The Board of Directors also voted to add Kristi Allen, Senior Vice President, Hotel Operations, Ensemble Real Estate Solutions & Investments; Matt Humphreys, vice president / regional manager, Hyatt Regency San Francisco; and Perry Patel, partner, BPR Hotels as new members of the board of directors and renew the mandates of nine members of the board of directors whose mandates are about to expire.

These members are:

  • Bimal Patel, Concept Hotels
  • Wes Tyler, Chancellor Hotel
  • Pam Ryan, hostel at the mission, San Juan Capistrano
  • Chip Rogers, American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Daniel Kuperschmid, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
  • Michelle Millar, University of San Francisco
  • Michael Pace, InterContinental Mark Hopkins SF
  • Terri Haack, Terranea Resort
  • Nic Hockman, Disneyland Resort Hotels

Past board members include Elvin Lai, owner, Ocean Park Inn and Scott VandenBerg, former general manager, Hyatt Regency Sacramento.

CBRE adds Ely in Asia
CBRE has appointed Chris Ely as Head of Hotel Asset Management, Asia.

Based in Singapore, he leads the hotel asset management and operator selection activity of CBRE within the Capital Markets team. Its role is to work with clients to unlock value from hotel and hospitality assets, improve profitability and align stakeholders with investment objectives.

Ely joins a growing team of hospitality industry veterans at CBRE and will serve on the company’s Asia Pacific Hotels & Hospitality executive committee.

He has over 20 years of experience as a hotelier and asset manager. He was most recently Vice President, Business Development and Asset Management, Next Story Group (NSG), where he was responsible for developing and executing NSG’s regional development plans. He also oversaw the asset management of NSG’s hotel portfolio, which included assets in Australia and Southeast Asia, including coworking spaces. Prior to that, he held management positions at JLL, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts and Jumeirah Group.

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12 hotel deals for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday for vacation and travel in 2022 Sun, 21 Nov 2021 05:00:00 +0000

Ahead of one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, several hotels and resorts are poised to entice travelers with solid Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals. Many of these are only available on weekends while others continue for a bit longer. Whether you’re looking for discounts on a cruise vacation, a shore hotel stay, or vacation gift ideas, these are some of the best travel deals on the market today.

Up to 50% reduction at Meliá Hotels International resorts

For Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Meliá Hotels International is offering up to half of its hotels as part of its “hotel deals for happiness seekers” package. Discounts are available by November 30 for travel through April 30, 2022 to city hotels or through December 20, 2022 and US resorts and hotels. The brand has a global network of properties, including INNSiDE New York and Meliá Orlando Celebration as well as the newly renovated ME Cabo in Mexico.

Up to 50% off at Garza Blanca resorts in Mexico

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun offers discounts of up to 34% for two-bedroom suites or higher for stays of five or more nights. Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos is offering up to 50% off similar category suites during stays. Offers are available by November 29. These packages include breakfast, one-way airport transfer, and resort credit.

Buy 2 nights, get a free stay with Preferred Hotels & Resorts

For just 24 hours on Cyber ​​Monday, members of the I Prefer Hotel Rewards loyalty program will earn 30,000 points redeemable for a free stay if they book a minimum two-night stay at a participating Preferred property. A free hotel night starts at 15,000 points. The reservation page will only be available on Cyber ​​Monday November 29 for 24 hours.

Up to 30% discount and triple points at Sonesta hotels

Stays booked before November 30 using promotional code SAVE30 are eligible for triple the Sonesta Travel Pass loyalty program points and up to 30% off a stay. The offer is valid for travel through June 30, 2022. Sonesta is on a huge growth trajectory by adding hotels and resorts across the country. Make sure to join Sonesta Travel Pass first, as this promotion is only available to members of its loyalty program.

Up to Half Off on Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

Until then, guests to Hawaii can take advantage of up to 50% off stays of at least one week. Online sale is available on the Outrigger website using promo code CYBER21. Some of its many well-known properties include the newly renovated Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort, the contemporary Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger or the Outrigger Kona Resort and Spa. The latter only requires a five-night stay. Other destinations participating in the offer include hotels in Mauritius, Thailand and Fiji. The discount is available for stays anytime through December 15, 2022.

Party like in 1999 at The Nines in Portland

The Nines, a Luxury Collection hotel in Portland, Oregon, is ready to party like its 1999, well for $ 1,999. To celebrate, the hotel will reduce standard room rates to $ 199 (representing one-third of the regular price) and lower the rate of its Meier & Frank Presidential Suite to $ 1,999 (more than half off). The special rate is available between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday for stays between December and March of next year. Guests can book directly with the hotel.

Miami Resort Credit and Big Savings

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami is offering 20% ​​off one and two bedroom apartments and 30% off stays of seven nights or more. The Black Friday offers will be available online until Cyber ​​Monday with the 30% offer available until the following Tuesday. The luxury apartment offer also includes breakfast for two, a $ 200 resort credit, and two contactless wellness experiences. The resort is part of The Leading Hotels of the World group, which offers a recently updated loyalty program with immediate benefits.

Half-price hotel stays and wedding deals in Aruba

Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort is offering 50% off standard rates for stays of two nights or more during its Black Friday promotion between November 26-29. Use the reservation code BOG on the resort website to make a travel reservation at any time. this year or until the end of 2022, including the holiday season. The offer is valid in both the adults only section and the family section of the resort, which includes a private island and beach.

Wedding planners will find another great deal: a full wedding package for $ 2,022 for weddings next year. Interested couples should submit a request for this Black Friday offer during the same booking window by sending an email to

Stay at Broadmoor, for less

Cyber ​​Monday, The Broadmoor, one of the best historic family resorts in the country, offers 25% off published rates for suites. For those who want to get out and explore with fly fishing, horseback riding, and other activities at the resort’s three all-inclusive properties, there’s a Cyber ​​Monday deal for 10% off. These include Cloud Camp, The Ranch in Emerald Valley, and Fly Fishing Camp with discounts available on select stays in 2022.

See Sea Island, also for less

Belonging to the same family as The Broadmoor, accommodations at The Cloister or The Lodge on Sea Island in Georgia also contribute to the holiday shopping spirit. With over 100 staff members belonging to its Quarter Century Club (for employees who have worked at the resort for at least 25 years although there are many who have worked over 50 years), the resort keeps the cost down. of the third night of multi-overnight stays. During the months of January and February, the third night is only $ 25, plus a $ 250 resort credit. This deal is only available from November 26 to 30.

30-40% discount at the “Pink Palace” in Bermuda

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club at Fairmont on the island of Bermuda is offering a 30% discount on stays between November 22, 2021 and March 31, 2022. Members of the Accor All Live Limitless (ALL) loyalty program benefit from ” an additional reduction of 10%. The island’s grande dame hotel also offers a $ 100 food and drink or spa credit as well as triple all points as part of the deal. The special offer is available for booking between November 22 and 29 and is also extended to other Accor properties, including the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile and the Novotel Miami Brickell.

Up to 50% off at Pueblo Bonito resorts in Mexico

For Black Friday, guests can save up to 50% off the room rate at Pueblo Bonito Resorts in Los Cabos and Mazatlan, Mexico. Spa and golf credits worth up to $ 300 are also part of the deal. Golfers will be particularly delighted with this offer. At the Pueblo Bonito Resort in Los Cabos, guests enjoy exclusive access to Quivira Golf Club’s famous Jack Nicklaus Signature course. The offer is available by December 1 using promo code BLKFRI2021.

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