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Book your next Disney vacation with Academy Travel

Longtime readers of this website will know that we have been telling you about Academy Travel for some time now. The reason we’re so excited about them is simple.

  • It’s free to use Academy Travel and most customers even save money compared to booking themselves.
  • Academy Travel is EarMarked Diamond (1 of only 3 travel agencies in the world)
  • Academy Travel books more vacations to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios than anyone, so their knowledge and expertise is second to none.
  • You will be working with an amazing travel advisor who has a passion for your travel destination

Need more conviction? Let me walk you through an all too common scenario that guests at Walt Disney World are currently facing. The old rules do not apply. Maximizing your vacation fun isn’t about getting to the rope before the crowds or maximizing your Fastpass strategy with tips like this to avoid the crowds. On the contrary, now that crowd levels are kept artificially low due to stricter admission requirements, guests should be aware of the new rules which did not impact previous vacations. A Disney travel agent can alleviate much of the stress associated with the unfamiliar changes faced by returning and even first-time visitors to the parks. It’s likely that over the next year or so many more changes will be implemented, so having this trusted advisor at no cost to you can really improve the vacation experience.

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Another scenario that anyone with winter travel plans might encounter is snow or other weather conditions interrupting your flight to or from Orlando. When unexpected issues arise, Academy Travel clients have an agent working on their behalf to reschedule trips and make arrangements that will literally save you time and frustration. If you’re already in Orlando and the disruption impacts your return home, imagine being able to actually enjoy your last day at Walt Disney World instead of figuring out your revised flight options.

We all think these situations won’t happen to us, but unfortunately the more you travel the more it could possibly happen to you. If so, this online travel website won’t help. Rather, it will be the agent you met while planning your vacation who can step in and take away much of the stress you face.

Book your own vacation

If that’s convinced you to start planning your trip in case you don’t win, here are your next steps that will put you in touch with an amazing Academy Travel Agent.

Become a travel agent

Walt Disney World Vacations

A trip to Walt Disney World is the ultimate destination for a Disney fan. Not only do you get 4 amazing parks and 2 water parks, but there are also amazing shopping and dining options at Disney Springs and on the boardwalk as well as much more to do.

Walt Disney World Resort

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Best of all, whether you’re staying at a quality, moderate, or luxury resort, you’re immersed in the magic of Disney. With hotel and vacation packages to suit every budget, a trip to Walt Disney World can be as inexpensive or extravagant as your budget demands.

Disneyland Vacations

While we don’t know when and when Disneyland will reopen soon, you can visit the original Walt Disney Park and experience Disney like Walt Disney did. The 2 parks that make up Disneyland Resort and the Downtown Disney shopping district offer so much to do. It’s no wonder that many who have visited Disneyland think this is still the best of Disney parks with its history and charm.

Disneyland logo

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With only 3 Disney hotels, it is much more common for out-of-town visitors to stay off the property at one of the many Good Neighbor hotels.

Disney cruises

Cruise enthusiasts know how special cruise vacations are and when the industry returns to normal, you can be sure there will be pent-up demand for this popular vacation option. You can’t really say you’ve been on a cruise until you’ve taken a Disney cruise. Over the past seven years, all right The Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards recognized Disney Cruise Line as # 1 Major cruise line. Disney already has 4 amazing cruise ships, but with 3 more Disney cruise ships launching in 2022 and beyond, its obvious Disney Cruise Line isn’t resting on its success.

Disney cruise line logo

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Everyone has this # 1 reason they love to cruise. For some, meals and entertainment are included while others look forward to Broadway-caliber shows and Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Whatever your reason, once you try a Disney cruise you will understand why so many fans claim a Disney cruise is even better than the parks.

And wait, there is more …

If you think the Disney experience is limited to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney cruise, you don’t know half of it. In Hawaii there is Aulani Resort & Spa, we have all the international Disney parks and don’t forget Adventures by Disney.

Click here for an Aulani Holiday Quote

Click here for an Adventures by Disney Vacation Quote

A Disney vacation can actually be a good choice for someone who doesn’t even like Disney. Imagine ziplining through Costa Rica or enjoying a beer during Oktoberfest in Germany knowing that the world’s No.1 hotel company made sure every detail was taken care of. If that’s right for you, you’re the perfect candidate for an Adventures by Disney trip. Or maybe just like Walt Disney, you’re drawn to the Hawaiian Islands and all they have to offer. You will be surrounded by Hawaiian culture (no Disney characters) at Aulani Resort & Spa.

Maximize your chances of winning

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Ok so you have the basics – use a good email address and double check it to make sure you’re in the know if we pick you up. We’re also going to give everyone an extra chance to win, which may improve your odds a little or a lot. The first category of bonus entries is sharing with your friends and family, which you can do by providing them with your Lucky URL (anyone who enters with your specific link will earn you 25 additional bonus entries).

Giveway custom URL

Each participant who participates gets their own personalized URL and when your friends and family click on that link, they will follow the referral on your behalf so that you get credit for their registration. The more people you sponsor, the more likely you are to win. So copy this URL to your social media shares or email it to friends and family.

Then, we offer bonus entries to view the Academy Travel job and travel planning pages as well as our Deluxe Resort guides. You can actually visit these pages daily to get more bonus entries. Even a quick hover at the bottom of the page will fully record your visit and it’s our way of letting you know the travel agency that allows us to offer these great trips and has been so helpful to us.

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