A new arts complex has debuted in Playa del Carmen, and its cave spa is a masterpiece


The Xcaret Arte Mexico hotel recently opened and the timing could not be better. The superbly unique Playa del Carmen resort, a short drive from Cancun, offers hands-on creative workshops and showcases authentic Mexican art throughout the property. year.

More than just a creative setting, this adults-only resort also has all the amenities you need for a truly restorative Mexico retreat. Think: spa treatments in a soothing cave, excursions to mystical Riviera Maya cenotes, a personal butler to streamline your stay, and healthy, vegan cuisine so tasty you won’t believe it came from a resort all-in.

Here’s what to expect on a trip to Xcaret Arte Hotel, one of the most exciting new resorts in the Riviera Maya.

Art everywhere

The Xcaret Arte hotel has infused virtually every square foot of its sprawling property with artwork from all over Mexico. Wooden sculptures of animals and seashells frame the airy hallways. A spherical chandelier made up of musical instruments hangs above one of the halls. Floor-to-ceiling murals and shelves of handcrafted pottery brighten the walls. This resort is truly a feast for the eyes.

The best place to immerse yourself in the resort’s art collection, however, is in one of the 900 rooms at the Xcaret Arte hotel, which are divided into a series of separate buildings called casas. The rooms in Casa Musica, for example, immediately grab your attention with large, colorful embroidered folk art installations depicting dancers and musicians and cushions sewn in complementary colors and patterns. But as you feel more comfortable in your suite, you’ll fall in love with its more subtle creative touches, like the pink and white tiles depicting the tree of life in the walk-in shower and the tiny woven baskets with hand-made candy delivered each evening.

There is no doubt that you will feel inspired from the start of your vacation at Hotel Xcaret Arte. And you can channel your newfound creativity in the art classes run by the resort every day. Choose from weaving, pottery, painting, and dancing, to name a few.

Spa Cave Soothing

Whether you only have a few days or an entire week to spend at the Xcaret Arte Hotel, you’ll want to set aside at least a few hours for a massage and personal care rituals at Muluk Spa. Your wellness journey begins in the spa’s Alchemist Studio, an apothecary-inspired space where you can choose the scents and oils for your treatment.

Then, make your way to one of the swinging lounge chairs overlooking a serene pool and relax as one of the massage therapists rubs your temples and scalp, a glimpse of what to expect. Your treatment will take place in a private cave, a soothing space that allows you to leave all your mundane stresses behind you.

After your massage, linger around the spa and enjoy its various facilities, in particular its extensive hydrotherapy circuit. It has a sauna, ice fountain, steam room, recreational swimming area, and a series of cave pools ranging from cold plunges to hot Jacuzzis. The whole experience is from another world.

Healthy and tasty cuisine

All-inclusive resorts aren’t generally known for having the most inspired cuisine, but at the Xcaret Arte, the food is anything but an afterthought. The resort offers nine dining experiences created by world-class chefs from Mexico. Taste foods native to the Yucatan Peninsula in Xaak. Sophisticated Chino Poblano fuses the flavors of China with the state of Puebla for a memorable multi-course meal. And you can sample authentic dishes from cities across Mexico at the ultra-festive Mercado de San Juan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its stained-glass ceilings and papel picado the garlands make the restaurant feel like a party.

No matter where you dine, you’ll have no trouble finding healthy, meat-free options. Attentive servers at each restaurant ask questions about dietary restrictions and ensure that all guests receive a thoughtful, beautifully prepared meal (a true rarity at all-inclusive resorts!). And soon, each restaurant will have a dedicated vegan menu, thanks to Hotel Xcaret Arte’s partnership with vegan chef Miguel Bautista. In the meantime, you can sample its incredible cruelty-free cuisine at the Bio Restaurant, located next to the Xcaret Mexico hotel, available as a free bonus in your all-inclusive package. Expect rainbow-colored smoothies and pizzas with decadent nut-based cheeses.

After dark, make your way to the parking lot (yes, really!) Where you’ll find the resort’s sweatshop. Enjoy live jazz music, handcrafted cocktails and a space bursting with atmosphere.

Benefits galore

The Xcaret Arte hotel spoils its guests with a range of perks, including dining at its sister properties and unlimited access to Grupo Xcaret’s seven renowned ecological adventure parks. You can also participate in Xcaret’s “Xenotes“tour. You will need to abseil, zip line and swim in some of the 10,000 c of the Riviera Mayanote, or sinkholes in deep water. A staff photographer will accompany you to capture the most memorable moments of the excursion.

The best perk of a stay at the Xcaret Arte hotel, however, can be found without leaving the property: butler service. Included in many room categories, butler service elevates your experience to a highly personalized level. These trained assistants can handle almost any request, whether you want a midnight snack, spa reservation, extra sunscreen, or printouts of your COVID-19 test results (available on site) before you return home. They are just a WhatsApp message away!


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