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Borrowing money via a short phone call is an extremely convenient solution. Thanks to this form of lending, we gain unlimited access to money via internet. Quick Cash did not forget about the loan for the phone. There is also a quick loan available via telephone for regular customers. All you need to do is call us and make an instruction for a loan, and the consultants will submit a loan application. Everything happens as quickly as on the Internet – and even faster! However, this service is only available to people already registered in the Quick Cash loan system. That is why it is worth doing it as soon as possible! We gain an additional communication channel and the possibility of taking an express loan even if we do not have access to the Internet.

A loan on the phone as proof – what to do to get it?

A loan on the phone as proof - what to do to get it?

The basic requirement is the need to register on the Quick Cash website. We do it in the same way when it comes to a loan for evidence. We can do it traditionally, that is, by filling in the registration application located there or through Facebook. Moments via the phone are a service addressed to regular customers. It is a kind of bonus that they can enjoy and from which they can use if they need to get quick money over the phone. It still happens that the Internet network is not always available. And if you need an online loan in this situation, you can take it over the phone. We do not have to hold back until the Internet works.

To register to the loan system, which will give us the opportunity to use a payday phone, we will need:

  • ID card
  • mobile phone
  • bank account (personal)
  • e-mail

Only adults who are citizens of the Republic of Poland can apply for non-bank loans, so it is worth remembering about these conditions. We do not grant loans to foreigners without citizenship or to persons under 18 years of age.

A quick loan for a phone 24 hours a day – the cash desk is always where you are!

A quick loan for a phone 24 hours a day - the cash desk is always where you are!

Express telephone loan 24 is an extremely simple form of borrowing. The entire loan process takes place via telephone. If we need a loan by phone and have a quick cash customer profile, all we need to do is call the number of the Customer Service Office. During the telephone conversation we give the consultant all the necessary information, such as the loan amount and the repayment date. The consultant will submit an application on our behalf to the loan system. In this way, the money will be in the account on our account. The entire conversation for a loan takes a moment, and thanks to BlueCash transfers, the loans are transferred immediately, because this service works around the clock.

What amounts and repayment terms do you have for a quick cash loan?

What amounts and repayment terms do you have for a quick cash loan?

As in the case of other Quick Cash loans and in this case, our clients can count on extremely attractive loan amounts and a favorable repayment period. However, the telephone loan is even more attractive because it gives access to the full amount of borrowed amounts, which is lower by PLN 1,000 for new customers. We borrow lending between 100 and 8,000 zlotys to regular customers. In addition, we have a loan for 60 days – more precisely for 65. However, that’s not all. There is a group of clients who can repay the loan almost immediately, which is not possible with many non-bank loan companies. However, we do. In Quick Cash you can repay the entire loan amount the day after it is received!

Additionally, if during the loan period it turns out that we may have a problem with its repayment, it is possible to refinance the loan. In this way, we can shift the payment of the loan even by 30 days. However, this is only possible if we report a problem with the repayment of the obligation before the loan term expires. This is extremely important. There is nothing to fear. Skylan Cash is always looking for the best solutions for its clients and helps them in difficult situations. When we know that there is a problem, we are looking for the best solution for him!