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A little hope for changes in the hotel proposal

The City of Florence is moving forward with the sale of the Quince Street property across from the Florence Events Center, but must first obtain official approval from the Florence City Council. At the June meeting of the Florence Urban Renewal Agency, where the parameters were set for the project, some people disagreed with the plans for a Wyndham Microtel hotel. Speaking as a private citizen, FURA board member Graham Ross said the original plan was for a hybrid hotel conference center, something that was dropped due to profitability concerns. .

“The hotel lacks many facilities for small conferences, business conferences and large events.”

He said later on some of that could be made up by other companies or perhaps additions to FEC ownership.

“and the idea is that okay let’s see what exactly is needed once the hotel is built and we’ll take the amenities to another part”

Ross was the only dissenting vote on the project, but says he’s keeping an open mind that some allowances can be made to the proposal. Ross joins Kay King for a conversation about the project on Our Town this month.

Housing issues

Housing continues to be a problem for Florence. In 2017, a housing needs analysis was produced for the town which indicated that there was a need for 141 residences in order to meet the needs of the community. According to Wendy Farley-Campbell with the City of Florence Today, the need is much greater.

“Even with the housing that has been produced in the last 5 years since this study was carried out, the need for housing today is more than 300 repressed. So it has grown, it has doubled.

In addition to the lack of housing, there has been a huge increase in prices for single family homes with averages over 300,000. Additionally, Farley Campbell says they receive several inquiries a month from interested parties outside of state regarding short-term rentals and vacation homes that further deplete inventory in the area. The city is studying the effect of short-term rentals. Wendy Farley-Campbell is invited to our town this month to discuss this issue.

126 Deaths

Over the weekend, an accident involving a pedestrian and two motor vehicles on Route 126 halted traffic for several hours. An unnamed male pedestrian was hit by two different vehicles as he attempted to cross the freeway at Mile 47. The vehicles, a Honda Fit driven by David Parrish of Walton and a Ford f150 driven by Jessie Lomelli of Eugene were spinning to the left of Territorial Road on 126 when the man was struck and killed. Preliminary investigations show that the pedestrian was crossing against the crosswalk lights.

4th July

It was a day full of celebrations in Florence yesterday and culminated in a 20 minute fireworks display from the port of Siuslaw. Many onlookers were expecting a spectacle on the water, but the barge that had served in previous years had been sold but the spectacular was still taking place against a cloudy background. The influx of vehicles after the event was led by members of the Florence Police Department and West Lane Fire and EMS.

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