5 things we love about the Aventura hotel at Universal Orlando

Whenever I write about theme park hotels, my words praise those of Universal Orlando. The partnership between Loews Hotels and Universal Orlando Resort is working very well for guests. Some of the most interesting appear at Universal Orlando in the “value plus” level.

In a previous post, we talked about things we love and things we don’t like about Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a value-added hotel. The other on-site value-added hotel at Universal Orlando is called the Aventura Hotel. For full disclosure, Aventura reigns supreme as my favorite on-site hotel in Universal Orlando. Further full disclosure, the list started with 11 things to love about Aventura.

Here are the top 5 reasons in no order:


Unlike quality hotels and the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, the check-in process is great at this hotel. With a smaller number of rooms and a better system, the check-in process takes a reasonable amount of time, even at peak times. Yes, I have scheduled the check-in process several times during a recent stay. Customers never waited more than 12 minutes to check in. The universal version of mobile check-in works well. When I registered using it in October, my registration process took less than 2 minutes.


From Aventura’s Urban Pantry food court, you can see the shuttles that stop at the Volcano Bay water park. This fact revolves around the detail that Aventura is so close to Volcano Bay. Like Cabana Bay, Aventura offers a dedicated gateway to and from Volcano Bay. This feature facilitates early morning trips to Volcano Bay. This function also makes it easier to return to the room. Like Cabana Bay, if you want to visit Volcano Bay, Aventura makes it easy.


The food and beverage options at Aventura exceed both value and hotel expectations. First off, Starbucks fans enjoy a store in the lobby. Additionally, this Starbucks location consistently has shorter wait times than other Starbucks locations.

Second, the Urban Pantry food court offers solid value. Urban Pantry offers brick oven style pizzas, grills with burgers and sandwiches, sushi, wok bowls and ice cream. Finally, this resort hotel has a rooftop bar, Bar 17 and Bistro. The rooftop bar offers quality food and drinks. Plus, the view from the rooftop bar adds to the experience.


Due to the design of the hotel, guests enjoy excellent elevator access to their rooms. Guests can arrive to any room at this hotel within minutes. The tired walk from the hall to the bedroom does not exist here. As Aventura is a large, unstructured building, your feet will thank you. In addition, the shuttles that take you to the parks are very close to the lobby. You can leave your room and reach the shuttle pick-up point in 5 minutes.


For a resort hotel with so many features, the price remains low. In October, I stayed here for less than $ 100 a night. You should expect to find this hotel at or below the lower base theme park hotels in Walt Disney World, for example. Now you could spend more at a top-notch hotel on-site to get an express pass and easy boat service to the parks. However, you would need to spend 2-3 times more.

As with Cabana Bay, there will soon be a “5 things we don’t like” article on Aventura. Still, I love this resort hotel. I didn’t even mention the clean and modern feel, the view from the rooms, the robots and the tech at the resort. May you consider this hotel for your next Orlando vacation.

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