10 Things to Do at Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys

With three accommodation options and distinct facilities, including a world-renowned spa, Hawks Cay offers the perfect setting for any type of visit.

Duck Key, Hawks Cay, Waterfront Resort in the Florida Keys

Despite its proximity to many major US cities, the tropical weather and verdant landscape of the Florida Keys make visitors feel like they’ve traveled to some faraway and exotic destination. That’s why traveling to the Florida Keys is one of vacationers’ favorite ways to escape the grind of everyday life and reconnect with the people and things that make them happy, whether it’s a loved one or simple pleasures of delicious cuisine and refreshing sea water.

The Florida Keys have many resorts; Hawks Cay Resort is on Duck Key in the Keys. About 60 miles from Key West, tourists will find this luxurious resort that makes people feel like they are on a private island in the United States. 10 things to do while staying at Hawks Cay Resort are detailed below to help vacationers plan a trip to the Florida Keys.

10/10 Swim in the pools of Hawks Cay

Those looking for a way to cool off in the water can choose from one of Hawks Cay’s five different swimming areas. In addition to this, some of the villas in the resort come with their own private pools. Because there are no stairs to climb to get in, even the most inexperienced swimmers could enjoy themselves here. When considering whether or not to bring young children to the pool, guests should bear in mind that one end of the pool is considerably deeper than the other.

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9/10 Get wet and go on a diving or snorkeling excursion

Clear blue water teeming with tropical fish of all hues, hard and soft coral formations, sea turtles and stingrays; it’s a scene typically associated with the Florida Keys. It’s for good reason: Florida Reef is the third largest barrier reef in the world and sits just off the Florida Keys. This reef is the only living coral reef in the continental United States, and it’s just one of many fantastic snorkeling spots around the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West and even farther afield. the islands.

8/10 Interact with dolphins

The Dolphin Connection program is available at Hawks Cay Resort, where visitors can meet and interact with these remarkable sea creatures. In fact, no other hotel in the continental United States offers dolphin-watching opportunities or educational events for guests of all ages quite like Hawks Cay. An ocean-fed saltwater lagoon is home to dolphins. Due to the proximity of a canal to the house of the dolphins, they are regularly treated to sightings of manatees and the like.

7/10 Relax at the spa

Calm Waters Spa is the perfect place to relax and pamper yourself when you’re done dropping off the kids. There is a delightful assortment of spa treatments, such as massages, body cleansing, and facials. There are a variety of services available at the salon, including highlights, manicures and pedicures. Those who really like to indulge, on the other hand, should book an appointment for a massage that includes an invigorating exfoliation treatment, which is then followed by a massage and aromatherapy.

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6/10 Dine at Hawks Cay Resort

Whether it’s the food or the decor, Hawks Cay’s restaurants give a taste of the islands. Each of our restaurants in the Florida Keys uses only the freshest local ingredients cooked by renowned chefs. Vacationers can dine in style at Sixty-One Prime, relax with a bottle of wine by the fire, and dip their toes in the sand at Oasis Cay for lunch. Our resort’s on-site dining options in the Florida Keys mean you’re never more than a few steps away from a meal or a refreshing drink.

5/10 Eat at the villa

In addition to the restaurants and bars located around Hawks Cay, guests sleeping in the villas have access to a fully equipped kitchen. All appliances needed for cooking and eating are included in each villa’s kitchen, including a full-size refrigerator. A villa may even provide a mixer for their guests so they can make some truly unique cocktails. The resort unfortunately does not offer any grilling facilities. Delivering groceries from supermarkets to a villa simplifies vacation shopping for consumers.

4/10 Work out at the fitness center

After consuming all that mouth-watering food, people may find that their bathing suits are starting to feel a little too tight. In the same building that houses the spa and fitness center, guests have the opportunity to burn off some of the calories they gained during their vacation at the fitness center. This facility contains cardio equipment that can really feel the heat, in addition to seven machines designed to strengthen muscles. The experience is made more complete with the addition of yoga equipment.

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3/10 Leave the kids at adventure camp

Camp Adventure at Coral Cay is an amazing place for kids ages 5-12. Children have fun with arts and crafts, games and swimming, all under the supervision of qualified instructors. A wide range of staggered schedules according to the seasons and the days. When Camp Adventure runs late on the weekends, parents can sneak together for a quiet dinner. People who have smaller children or youngsters who need more attention may want to inquire about babysitting services at the resort.

2/10 Enjoy Mallory Square, Key West

Mallory Square, at the north end of Duval Street, is one of the liveliest parts of Old Town Key West and is where the Sunset Celebration takes place every night. Each night, as tourists watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, the area comes alive with the sound of music and the smells of food and drink from local vendors. Suppose someone is lucky enough to be present at this very remarkable event. If so, there will be a wide variety of acts to see, from cats and dogs riding unicycles along a tightrope to people swallowing swords and juggling fire.

1/10 Visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

When visiting the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, visitors can observe approximately 60 different species of butterflies fluttering freely among the plants in a glass-enclosed veranda. There are over 20 different species of exotic birds housed here in addition to butterflies. The learning center also offers a 15-minute educational film about the life cycle of butterflies, which plays on a continuous loop. In addition to the many species of butterflies on display, visitors can also see caterpillars in various stages of development.

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