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You have you’ve probably seen advertisements or heard people talk about joining a vacation club or even buying vacation accommodation packages that span multiple years, and you might be thinking… WHY IS THIS SO POPULAR?

Some people might not be familiar with this concept. With vacation accommodation packages, you pay a lump sum up front that allows you to travel to specific destinations at dedicated time slots each year. The time frame is generally based on one week intervals. There are several advantages to becoming a member of a vacation club or purchasing vacation accommodation packages in advance. If you are wondering why people prefer this option over booking a hotel before traveling, here are the top 10 benefits that people choose this travel option for.

1. Save on accommodation costs

We all know that inflation is a factor that we cannot ignore, even if we want to. As food, fuel, and all other expenses increase at a breakneck rate, it becomes harder and harder to afford that fabulous vacation we all dream of. Buying a vacation accommodation package in advance gives you the advantage of not paying the increased rates over the years. Your vacation accommodation package is at a fixed rate that will not change each time the dollar fluctuates. Remember that vacations are no longer a luxury, nowadays they have become a necessity.

2. Offers more flexibility:

Owning a vacation accommodation package allows you to choose from a variety of destinations. Exploring the world is what attracts most travelers – seeing and discovering all the different places and cultures from around the world. What is the pleasure of visiting the same place year after year? Mix it up and find out what life is about!

3. The resorts are suitable for families

It is almost impossible to book hotel rooms when traveling with children. So, before your kids get too bored, spend your vacation instead, where entertainment is everywhere… It’s just more fun for the kids! Swimming pools, mini-golf, tennis courts, horseback riding, super tubing, volleyball and many other great facilities and activities make it all worth it. Most resorts also have kids’ programs that will keep your kids entertained all day.

4. Independent accommodation

In most hotels, there is no kitchen, which makes preparing your favorite dish quickly. Instead, you have to use room service and spend more than

your daily expense allowance for a meal. Not so much fun! With independent units, you don’t have this problem at all.

People are also more and more health conscious and don’t want to buy take out all the time, they prefer to cook a healthy meal on their own. Even though it’s fun to visit a different restaurant every night, it gets way overpriced.

5. A luxurious and spacious home away from home

These resorts offer you an exclusive and luxurious home away from home. The apartments, which have been furnished for maximum comfort, generally consist of several rooms, a bathroom, a dining room, a kitchen and more. It is spacious and practical for traveling with children and gives you more than enough space for total relaxation. Most of these resorts are located in a serene environment that eliminates noise and distractions. This creates the best atmosphere for hosting family reunions, wedding anniversaries, re-engagement of marital vows, and the promotion of better family bonds.

6. You can “bank” your week

Sometimes life can surprise you with unforeseen emergencies when you least expect them. Being a member of such a system gives you the opportunity to skip a year without wasting any of your vacation weeks. You can carry over that week to the next year and make it two weeks vacation. It gives you more flexibility in your travel arrangements and saves you from wasting hard-earned money.

7. It offers you the opportunity to travel every year.

Sometimes life can turn you upside down, making it impossible to take your family on vacation. Unavoidable things can happen, but that doesn’t mean you and your family have to skip your much-needed break. Owning a vacation accommodation package gives you the ability to go on vacation even during financially difficult years.

We sometimes forget how important it is to break up once or twice a year. A vacation is not just sun, sea and sand, it is a chance for you to recharge your batteries, especially if you have a stressful job. It is necessary to get away to spend time with family and return to work rested.

8. GREAT gift to give!

Gifting your own weeks to loved ones as a honeymoon gift, or to parents for wedding anniversaries, work incentives, or close family relationships, can be another good reason to have vacation accommodation packages at. advance. Transferring the certificate of ownership and use to your children within the specified time is undoubtedly a good legacy for your offspring.

9 feel like royalty

The Elite lifestyle feeling that comes with owning these packages and spending your vacation in a luxurious apartment is a classic feeling that everyone would love to have. Bragging rights to live an exclusive vacation lifestyle among your coworkers from past experiences, video recordings, photos and testimonials are more like fulfilled feelings that will earn the respect of your equals.

10. The comfort and convenience associated with owning a vacation accommodation package.

The comfort and convenience of not having to worry about your vacation accommodation or being misled by random information on the internet that can ruin your entire trip booking experience. Your vacation accommodation service provider will take care of your worries and advise you on the best way to make the most of your long-awaited and deserved vacation.

So, with the above benefits in mind, start imagining your perfect vacation. Are you sipping a cold cocktail while lying on the white sandy beaches and listening to the waves crashing on the shore? Maybe you are on a real African safari or maybe even shopping in one of the best malls in the world. Whatever your fancy is, make it a reality by joining a vacation club or purchasing a vacation accommodation package in advance. It will be a decision you will not regret!

Good holidays !

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